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Fleet Vehicle Tracking Increases Productivity & Efficiency

Increase Productivity & Efficiency with Fleet Vehicle Tracking You might not know that fleet vehicle tracking not only tracks vehicles’ locations, it also increases productivity and efficiency. GPS fleet management software automatically plans efficient routes which will reduce the amount...

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Fleet Monitoring Systems Watch Your Fleet For You

Watch Your Fleet With GoFleet’s Fleet Monitoring Systems GoFleet’s fleet monitoring systems can provide your business with many features and benefits that watch your fleet for you so you do not have to. There is no reason you have to...

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GPS Fleet Management Solutions Make Life Easier

Make Life Easier With GPS Fleet Management Solutions A fleet manager’s job is usually stressful and complex. When the fleet is large, holds valuable cargo or is a critical component of the company’s operations, the task of managing the fleet...

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GPS Fleet Solutions Are Proving Valuable For Small Fleets

Small Fleets Are Finding Major Value In GPS Fleet Solutions Regardless of the size of your fleet, business tracking software using GPS will provide extremely valuable tools and data that will improve your fleet operations. Many business owners think that...

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GPS Capabilities In Anklet Helps Juvenile Court System

Anklet With GPS Capabilities Helps Juvenile Courts As many people stop using landlines in their home, they are still a must-have for most people on house arrest. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the juvenile system uses ankle bracelets that are really cell...

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GPS Monitoring Device Used To Protect Domestic Violence Victims

Domestic Violence Victims Have GPS Monitoring Device Option In Memphis, Tennessee, a GPS monitoring device can be used to notify a domestic violence victim that they might be in harm’s way. Many believe that if more domestic violence victims knew...

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GPS Tracking Technology Used To Find Stolen Electronics

Police Find Stolen Electronics Using GPS Tracking Technology Officials in Palm Beach, Florida are using GPS tracking technology to catch thieves. As an increasing number of people are buying personal electronics that automatically include GPS tracking technology, such as iPhones,...

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GPS Tracking Devices Used To Study Sheepdog Behavior

Scientists Use GPS Tracking Devices To Study Sheepdog Behavior A team of researchers in the United Kingdom used GPS tracking devices to study the movements and behaviors of working sheepdogs and their flock of sheep. The BBC reports that the...

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GPS Devices Help Scientists Monitor The Drought In California

Scientists Are Monitoring California’s Drought Using GPS Devices A new study that was published in Science Daily suggests that that scientists are able to use GPS devices to monitor and track the drought in California. Although it is reasonably easy...

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