Authority Management

Optimize the safety and efficiency of contract employees

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Authority Management Solutions

Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Ensure compliance is met and proper billing is maintained for contract employees. Using reliable clock systems, tracking employee or asset movement and setting limitations on work based on training history or regulations keep operations running smoothly.

Routing and Dispatching

Monitor the GPS and route location of vehicles and contractors to ensure maximum productivity. Have insight into where delays may be happening at certain times to allow for an investigation to happen so either detour routes or additional contractors can be assigned to meet KPIs. Integrate additional industry information such as road traffic or weather conditions to anticipate when work may be halted.
Routing and Dispatching Routing and Dispatching
Safety and Training Safety and Training

Safety and Training

Record video data on contractors to ensure that safety procedures and protocols are always met. In the event of an accident onsite or an incident during travel, use the review historic footage to see what led to the event. Having play-by-play proof of events can help corporations exonerate contractors if they were not at fault and even help managers assign additional training or work suspension if required.

Reporting Dashboard/Managed Services

View your entire workforce in one dashboard to boost productivity, ensure maximum performance and enforce compliance. Have the ability to schedule and assign new contractors to upcoming jobs based on past performance, contractor wages and available workers. Simply view contractor details and experience to see whether hiring them would help you reach your goals.
authority management monitoring and tracking solution display authority management monitoring and tracking solution display

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