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ELD mandate June 12, 2021

Geotab Drive ELDHOS & DVIR Compliance Solution for Mobile and Tablet Devices

HOS & DVIR All-in-One Solution

Geotab Drive ELD is a mobile application for iOS & Android mobile devices. It is FMCSA compliant and can be synced with the GO9 device. The application can be used with the MyGeotab software to provide Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting and an FMCSA Compliant Hours of Service Solution.


Increase driver safety with the Geotab Drive ELD to avoid on the road accidents due to fatigue.



Ensure that your drivers comply to the HOS regulations of every region without thinking twice

Cost Saving

Cost Saving

The Geotab Drive ELD costs a fraction compared to the other ELD solutions.

Easy HOS Compliance

With an intuitive workflow, fleets comply with HOS more easily. Driver Duty Status changes automatically once the driver begins to drive. Record electronic log books and eliminate the need for paper logs.
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Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)

Geotab Drive provides complete end-to-end pre & post trip inspection workflow to increase safety and efficiency. Drivers can indicate possible defects, add comments, review previous inspections, and other information on one device.
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Mobile Communication

Optimize the HOS & DVIR process with this mobile app that supports both Android & iOS devices, and is able to be synced to the GO device. Managers can also safely message drivers using MyGeotab through audible notifications.
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Mobile Communication

ELD Process

The ideal driver ELD procedure includes the following steps

Pre Drive Inspection 01 - Pre Drive Inspection

Drivers can inspect the vehicle for faults, defects, and make comments for others.

HOS Logging 02 - HOS Logging

Drivers can log in and out of work with just a simple tap on their devices and be tracked for compliance requirements.

Post Drive Inspection 03 - Post Drive Inspection

After the driver makes their trip, they are required to complete the DVIR again for new possible malfunctions and make comments for the next driver.

Technical Features

Plug And Play Installation

Getting started is a breeze. The plug and play device allows users to easily install the GO9 to the Geotab IOX port. Drivers can login from vehicle to vehicle and still have their logs available.

Open And Flexible Platform

Rulesets can be added or removed as regulations develop and change. Create driver applications using Geotab’s open APIs and SDK, over-the-air software and firmware updates.

Improved Efficiency

Paperless log management with HOS reduces errors associated with manual entry. The DVIR feature saves time by significantly reducing paperwork.