Indoor Tracking

Real-Time Locating Systems that digitalize facilities and automate processes

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Tailor-Made Features

Digitalize facilities and buildings to better run indoor operations

Reduce Misplaced Assets

Reduce Misplaced Assets

Keep costs low by using all of the assets you have or by selling assets you no longer need

Streamline Business Processes

Streamline Business Processes

Anticipate business or asset requirements by monitoring the use and frequency of assets

Improve Accuracy

Improve Accuracy

With asset tracking reports, you can stop the guesswork and make smart business decisions

Locate Indoor Assets Locate Indoor Assets

Locate Indoor Assets

Know where assets are located in large spaces on multi-floor and room buildings with the ability to search asset names. Have the ability to pair with outdoor tracking solutions.

Know the location of high value tools
Keep inventory of expensive equipment
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Track Rules of Assets

Create business-specific rules and keep records of when rules are triggered

Receive notifications when assets leave or enter a room
Track utilization of assets to identify trends and asset use to further streamline operations
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Track Rules of Assets Track Rules of Assets
Monitor Important Data Monitor Important Data

Monitor Important Data

Track data specific to building operations and processes by using sensors

Detect when doors are opened or closed, and for how long
Monitor the temperature and humidity of rooms to meet indoor environmental requirements
Customize additional types of data by leveraging panic button features
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How Indoor Tracking Works

Here’s how to track indoor with beacons and readers

1 1

Create a floorplan of the building where assets will be stored and set up readers in the database with WiFi connection to reflect the building layout

2 2

Strategically set up readers and plugs in the rooms that they are assigned to in the database

3 3

Add beacons in the database and attach to the assets that are being monitored