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Fleet Tracking System: The Ultimate Limousine Company Tool

A Fleet Tracking System Is The Ultimate Tool for a Limousine Company

A fleet tracking system is the most innovative tool for limousine companies since the introduction of reservation software. In addition to the most obvious function of GPS fleet management (seeing where your limos are located) there are many other valuable benefits that will make your limousine company more efficient and profitable.

The fleet tracking system can tell you the direction your vehicle is traveling in real-time, if the engine is on and the current speed. Your fleet managers will be able to provide limo drivers with efficient routes. You will no longer have to worry about your drivers getting lost on the way to a remote destination.

You can also manage your fleet of limousines even when you are offline. Alerts can be set up to notify you via SMS text message or email if a driver is speeding, aggressively driving, entering an unauthorized area or idling excessively. This will give you time to contact the driver to have them immediately correct their behavior.

Alerts can also be set up to notify you of upcoming vehicle maintenance requirements based on miles traveled or specified dates. The reminders can be set for maintenance issues that need to be performed such as oil changes, tune-ups and tire rotations.

For limousine companies that charge their clients on an hourly basis, there is no more accurate measure of service time than a fleet tracking system. You will be able to bill your clients for the exact amount of time the job took. In addition, when you pay your limo drivers on an hourly basis, you will not have to worry about paying for extra time they spent on personal errands. Your drivers will not be able to claim that a job took longer than expected because of a road closure or traffic accident. The vehicle becomes a virtual time clock that is indisputable.

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