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GPS Truck Tracking: How To Introduce it to Your Employees

How To Introduce GPS Truck Tracking To Your Employees

You have decided that GPS truck tracking will benefit your business but you are not sure how to get your employees on board. It will not be difficult because a GPS truck tracking system from GoFleet is designed to reward your employees’ hard work while eliminating their bad habits which can lead to safety issues and financial loss. It is likely your best workers will embrace the new system and that will influence your other drivers to be on board too.

Remember that one of the great benefits about working for your company is that your employees are able to use the company vehicle. This is a privilege. When you implement a GoFleet truck tracking system, you will be able to ensure that your vehicles are being used efficiently and your drivers are working at maximum productivity. Explain to your employees that GPS truck tracking has many benefits including safety, service and savings.

Safety: When you use a GoFleet GPS truck tracking system, you will receive important alerts that will help your business to maintain a maintenance schedule for your fleet of vehicles. This will ensure that your vehicles receive all scheduled maintenance including tire rotations, oil changes and other vehicle servicing requirements. Your drivers will be able to feel safer knowing the vehicle they are driving is properly maintained.

Service: The GPS truck tracking system is invaluable tool for improving customer service. Customers will not have the ability to complain that your driver left them waiting hours when you can see that your driver arrived on time. They will not be able to say that they were over charged because the technician only stayed at their house 15 minutes when you can see that your employee was at their home for an hour. You will be able to backup your employees on claims of times received or services rendered. In addition, your company will be able to respond to customers faster and provide accurate times of arrival, resulting in more satisfied customers and more business.

Savings: GPS truck tracking has many benefits that can increase revenue including reduced fuel costs, increased productivity, lower insurance premiums, administrative efficiencies, improved dispatching and improved dispatching. These benefits will add to your employees’ job security. They will be working for a company who is financially stable. That means a lot in this tough economy. In addition, the increased revenue can be used to provide raises or bonuses. You could create a reward system based on the data collected from your GPS truck tracking to help gain system acceptance. Explain to your employees that while GPS truck tracking is new to your company, it is becoming an industry standard for businesses with fleets. Your competitors are likely already using it; if you do not embrace GPS technology, you are putting your employees and business at risk.

If you need more assistance on how to explain the benefits and necessity of the GoFleet truck tracking system to your employees, contact GoFleet today.

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