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Wireless Car Tracker Devices
Blog | 3 min read

Wireless Car Tracker Devices in Popular Media

Wireless car tracker devices are multimedia! They are showing up in various media including TV shows, movies, and video games. In this blog, we discuss two questions: #1 - Why are wireless car tracker devices showing up in popular media? #2 - What are some examples of tracking devices in popular media? Why are wireless car tracker devices showing up in popular media? One of the reasons is called product placement, which is a neat marketing trick! Product placement means that characters on a TV show, movie, or game use a product.
driver safety course
Blog | 4 min read

Driver Safety Course: Common Driving Mistakes

What are some common driving mistakes? New or veteran drivers are all guilty of a few mistakes. However, as bad as some people think of their driving skills, most drivers have never had the misfortune of appearing on the “Canada’s Worst Driver” driver safety course.
Blog | 2 min read

5 ZenScore Widgets You Have to Use

    The ZenScore Dashboard    When you’re managing a fleet, you are always looking for ways to improve your drivers driving habits, and look for savings in fuel costs and maintenance. ZenScore is very effective in doing that, and we’ll talk about how the dashboard will allow you to meet your goals with your fleet.
fleet management business plan
Blog | 3 min read

How to Develop and Write a Fleet Management Business Plan

A fleet management business plan is the blueprint for a fleet’s success - literally! Similarly to a blueprint, a business plan designs the fleet’s future success by looking at current conditions, discussing projects, and predicting future success outcomes. In this post, we will answer: 1 - Why should fleets develop a fleet management business plan? 2 - What makes a good fleet management business plan? 1 - Why should fleets develop a fleet management business plan? Humans need plans to stay on target.
managing driver fatigue
Blog | 3 min read

Managing Driving Fatigue Around Daylight Savings Time

Recently, the clocks sprang forward for Daylight Savings Time. Although people enjoy more sunlight in the evening, fleet safety managers are concerned about managing driver fatigue.
How much does fleet tracking cost
Blog | 3 min read

How much does fleet tracking cost?

Here is a FAQ. How much does fleet tracking cost? Fleet tracking consists of both hardware and software.
telematics benefits
Blog | 3 min read

Telematics Benefits | The 2018 Edition

Telematics, or the art of monitoring vehicles and making data-driven decisions, is several decades old. Telematics benefits include improving productivity, safety, and maintenance.
commercial vehicle dashcams
Blog | 4 min read

Why Some Commercial Vehicle Dashcams Fail

It’s no secret - having commercial vehicle dashcams is the industry norm. Frequently, there are stories about how dashcams reduce liability, simplify insurance claims, and train employees.
Types of GPS tracking
Blog | 3 min read

Types of GPS Tracking and How They Work

Here is a quick trivia question: how many types of GPS tracking are there? A) One B) Two C) Three D) Four or more The correct answer is D! There are easily more than four types of GPS tracking. For instance, some trackers are used to monitor vehicles while other trackers are used to monitor people! Let’s go over several types of GPS tracking and how they work.