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Geotab Compliance Truck ELD
Snow plow trackers
Blog | 3 min read

Preparing for Winter with Snow Plow Trackers

Snow plow trackers are a great way to prepare for winter. And yes, as the Starks on Game of Thrones would say, winter is coming! Snow plow businesses were extremely busy during 2016’s winter season.
tow truck gps trackers
Blog | 3 min read

5 Questions that Tow Truck GPS Trackers Answer

Tow truck GPS trackers are used to answer many questions. When is service going to arrive? Who should take the job? How should they get there? The questions go on.
Blog | 2 min read

Update: Charlottetown Saving Big with GoFleet

Charlottetown is the capital of the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. It is a beautiful location that is popular with tourists and is a hub for transportation.
Green fleet management
Blog | 3 min read

Green Fleet Management

Many fleet managers are prioritizing green fleet management. Some people are challenging the fleet industry to go greener because the industry produces 27% of total greenhouse gas emissions.
Fleet management trends in 2017
Blog | 3 min read

Reviewing Fleet Management Trends in 2017

As we approach the last few months of an eventful year, let’s review some of the fleet management trends in 2017.   Some of the biggest trends this year include:   Autonomous vehicles.
GPS Tracking for Law Enforcement
Blog | 2 min read

2 Ways of Using GPS Tracking for Law Enforcement

GPS tracking for law enforcement is making the news. Earlier this year, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) announced that they were using GPS tracking to help stop criminals.
fleet fuel savings
Blog | 3 min read

How Industry Leaders are Increasing Fleet Fuel Savings

Fleets in the “Run On Less” program are showing off their fleet fuel savings by participating in a national roadshow. These fleets invested in technologies that reduced fuel consumption.
Top challanges faced by fleet managers
Blog | 2 min read

Top Challenges Fleet Managers Face in 2017

Fleet Managers: Top Challenges They Face Fleet managers face many challenges when managing a commercial fleet. The top challenges in 2017 are cost-reduction initiatives, increasing productivity, and safety, fuel price volatility.
Blog | 3 min read

Responding to Hurricanes with Utility Asset Management

Recent hurricanes have spotlighted the importance of utility asset management because utility companies are often the ones who help rebuild regions that are affected. Hurricanes are ranked from a scale of 1 to 5 in terms of their severity.