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Geotab Compliance Truck ELD
Winter fleet operations
Blog | 3 min read

Getting Through Winter 2018 | Part 2: Winter Fleet Operations

Fleets are gearing up for winter fleet operations. Recently, weather forecasters predicted that winter 2018 is going to be a big one! According to their forecasts, this winter will be snowier and colder than normal.
Blog | 3 min read

AOBRDs vs ELDs – Which Should You Use?

One of the hottest questions as the ELD mandate deadline approaches is what is the difference between AOBRDs vs ELDs. Sign up for 12/14 Webinar AOBRDs vs ELDs Guide This guide is separated into 4 sections: 1 - What is an AOBRD? 2 - Why do some fleets use AOBRDs? 3 - Is Geotab Drive an AOBRD or ELD? 4 - Why are ELDs the future of trucking? 1 - What is an AOBRD? AOBRDs, short for Automatic On-Board Recording Devices, are devices that electronically record driver hours.
Winter fleet maintenance
Blog | 3 min read

Getting Through Winter 2018 – Part 1 | Winter Fleet Maintenance

Winter fleet maintenance is once again a popular topic now that winter is almost upon us! Oh yes, (Or oh no, depending on your seasonal preference!) winter weather is indeed here. Earlier in November, a record cold temperature was set in Toronto.
Vehicle Tracking Solutions
Blog | 3 min read

The First 365 Days: Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Many fleets - small and big - are installing vehicle tracking solutions. Whether it’s for compliance or for improving productivity, fleets are noticing big changes.
Fleet fuel cards
Blog | 3 min read

3 Villains That Fleet Fuel Cards Are Conquering

Fleet fuel cards are a trusty sidekick to conquering fuel and administration problems! A recent development for fleet fuel cards includes partnering with telematics. Because of this partnership, fleet fuel cards are capturing more data than ever.
Live GPS tracking
Blog | 3 min read

What are the Best Methods of Live GPS Tracking?

The idea of live GPS tracking is not as straightforward as it sounds. A lot of people don’t realize that fleet tracking solutions have different ways of collecting and reporting data.
Blog | 3 min read

5 Solutions to Texting and Driving

Many fleets are searching for solutions to texting and driving. In response to the texting and driving epidemic, a lot of governments created new laws.