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GPS Tracking Assets: Protect What’s Important

Protect What’s Important by GPS Tracking Assets

You might be surprised to hear that not only do we offer GPS locating services for vehicles, we also offer the SmartOne Satellite device to track your assets as well. Real-time GPS tracking assets allows you to know where every single piece of equipment is precisely located.

Many businesses do not keep track of their valuable assets which can lead to huge financial losses. Having a list of company assets and their value is simply not enough. Fortunately, this problem can be resolved with GPS tracking assets from GoFleet. The SmartOne LP is a military grade satellite tracking device specifically designed to track trailers and containers.

If your business uses trailers or containers to transport products for your customers, you realize that often times the items in those units can be worth a lot more than the vehicle transporting them. It is imperative that you know where your assets are located at all times. Our powerful device created for GPS tracking assets was built for years of satellite-managed, maintenance-free tracking.

The SmartOne device can be synchronized with GoFleet’s GPS fleet management software for easy asset location. If the assets are not in motion, you will receive daily notifications letting you know where your asset is located. When the asset is in continuous motion, you will get a notification every six hours. If you require more or less notifications of where your assets are located we can set that up as well.

Our device for GPS tracking assets installs easily and quickly using either industrial adhesive, screw mounts or brackets. There is no need for complicated installations, external antennas or external power. The SmartOne Satellite uses a long-lasting battery pack that performs well even under the most extreme weather conditions. If the battery gets low, you will be notified well in advance so you will always be tracking your assets.

For more information about our SmartOne device and other device options for GPS tracking assets, Contact Us today.

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