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Keeping Commercial Transportation Personnel Safe During COVID-19

On March 11, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic. Due to the uncertainty and fast spread of the virus, numerous community and country-wide initiatives were put into place. This included but is not limited to, the...

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5 ZenScore Widgets You Have to Use

The ZenScore Dashboard    When you’re managing a fleet, you are always looking for ways to improve your drivers driving habits, and look for savings in fuel costs and maintenance. ZenScore is very effective in doing that, and we’ll talk...

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In-Vehicle Notification with Pro and ProPlus Plans

Early 2012, Geotab introduced the functionality that sent an in-vehicle notification to a driver when an Exception Rule was being violated. This type of notification, also known as Driver Feedback, can be used for any Exception Rule by editing the...

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Powerful Plug and Play GPS Fleet Management Solutions Video

GoFleet provides powerful plug and play GPS fleet management solutions that are not only easy to get started with but easy to expand and change as your business evolves in the future. With our plug and play installation and expandability...

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Harnessing the Power of IOX Expansion

Providing clients with ways to further increase the value of their fleet management solution has always been a top priority for both GoFleet and Geotab; IOX expansion is a prime example of this. Through the introduction of MyGeotab web-based fleet...

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Extending Value with Third Party Software

With today's technology, it is no surprise to us that our clients are often looking for a lot more than a basic tracking solution. With the limitless capabilities of our software and our continuous development and growth, we are happy...

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The Power of PTO Connections in GPS Tracking Technology

GPS Tracking Technology and the Power of PTO Connections Business owners and fleet managers need to choose a GPS tracking technology provider whose system allows for integration with other devices and products. The PTO (power take-off) is a primary example...

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GPS Tracking Assets: Protect What’s Important

Protect What's Important by GPS Tracking Assets You might be surprised to hear that not only do we offer GPS locating services for vehicles, we also offer the SmartOne Satellite device to track your assets as well. Real-time GPS tracking...

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Fleet Maintenance Software: 4 Important Benefits

4 Important Benefits Of Fleet Maintenance Software Businesses with fleet operations can benefit greatly from utilizing fleet maintenance software. That is why GoFleet offers Maintenance Assistant CMMS as an add-on to their quality GPS fleet management solution. 1. Manage Your...

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