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Technology to Prevent & Stop Distracted Driving

Imagine this.   You’re having a great morning. You’ve just left the house after enjoying some coffee and you’re on your way to get some groceries. While you’re on the road, you pass by another car and you notice the...

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What's Considered as Distracted Driving?

By definition, distracted driving seems pretty simple. If something is causing a driver to compromise their judgement while driving - it is considered a distraction. Typically, most people associate distracted driving with electronic devices. It has now become common knowledge...

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Part 3: Common Useful Reports - Driver Safety Reports

One of our biggest client request is creating reports. Reports are a useful fleet management tool because they provide snapshots for decision making. For instance, safety managers use driver safety reports to monitor driver safety and train drivers on best...

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Driver Safety Course: Common Driving Mistakes

What are some common driving mistakes? New or veteran drivers are all guilty of a few mistakes. However, as bad as some people think of their driving skills, most drivers have never had the misfortune of appearing on the “Canada’s...

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Managing Driving Fatigue Around Daylight Savings Time

Recently, the clocks sprang forward for Daylight Savings Time. Although people enjoy more sunlight in the evening, fleet safety managers are concerned about managing driver fatigue. According to studies, people are 17% more likely to get in an accident on...

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Driver Risk Management | Driver Training & Management

“Hey boss, what do you think of the new driver?” Uh oh. Although most safety managers prepare great selection and training processes, it is often hard to measure a driver’s risk. That risk is called driver risk management. Driver Risk...

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Safe Driving Guide | From Coaching to Collision Warning Systems

Where did you learn how to drive? A lot of people learn from driving schools or from family members. In my case, my dad sat in the passenger seat and he was my extra set of eyes. It sure was...

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Improve Driver Performance With Fleet Tracking Solutions & Employee Incentives

  Fleet Tracking Solutions Improve Driver Performance   Fleet tracking solutions offer many advantages; one in particular is it can help identify which employees have poor driving habits. Not only does this cause safety issues for your drivers and other...

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5 Ways Telematics Promotes a Positive Workplace Culture

Recruiting drivers is difficult enough and retaining those drivers can often be even more challenging. Therefore, keeping your drivers happy is very important. To avoid continuous turnover, it's critical a positive culture and working environment is created for drivers. High...

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