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AI in the Driver’s Seat: The Beginner's Guide to Facial Recognition and ADAS

Most car accidents are the result of human error. According to Brake Road Safety Charity, The most common distractions are physical (smoking, eating), visual (looking at other people or objects), mental (thinking about things other than driving), and auditory (music,...

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The GoFleet Difference: Working With The Best

If you’re ready to purchase a telematics solution for your fleet, you’re likely looking for a system that offers the following: A digital operations system that streamlines your work processes and allows for ease of management. Compliance with government mandates...

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GoFleet Update: Implementing Remote Work Initiatives

For years, work has typically consisted of employees entering an office to complete their job. However, as technology has advanced to provide consumers with great gadgets or services, it has also advanced to make the workplace more accessible. This speaks...

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GoFleet's Introduction to GPS Fleet Solutions

GoFleet's Introduction to GPS Fleet Solutions It’s not uncommon, as a fleet manager or business owner, to have never heard of telematics. However, that is quickly changing. You may have heard of telematics as a GPS fleet solution. Here is...

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