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15 Characteristics of Successful Salespeople

Successful Salespeople: 15 Common Characteristics A successful salesperson has a special set of characteristics that are used to make sales. Some people have natural talent; however, these characteristics can be learned for anyone to be successful.  According to The 15 Characteristics...

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Measure Fleet Standards with Exception Reporting

Generate reports based on Exception Rules Understanding where and when an issue arises with your vehicle can be made simple by creating rules within your solution. Fleet managers are capable of setting specific fleet standards (rules) within the database, these...

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10 Top Fleet Manager Job Skills

Bill Gates is one of the most successful business superstars. One of his management philosophies include: “We’ve got to put a lot of money into changing behaviour.” How does that quote relate to fleet manager job skills? Successful fleet managers...

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Duty of Care for Fleet Managers

Innovation is changing the entire transportation industry. Uber has disrupted the way we move in a city. Google and some OEMs are actively developing autonomous vehicles that will take us from one place to another without human interaction. Amazon has...

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Fleet Consultants Deliver Long-Term Value

  Professional Services & Fleet Consultants Are What Differentiates A GPS Fleet Management Company From its Competitors. The objective to help manage a fleet is to have a consultant based mind which can help provide customers with the appropriate solutions;...

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GoFleet versus the Competition

With the large continuous telematics growth it is no surprise how many other GPS fleet management companies are out there today. Being in such a highly competitive market it is hard for consumers to make a truly educated and confident...

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Why Choose GoFleet As Your Geotab Partner?

  Finding the Right Geotab Partner   Geotab relies on a partner ecosystem to allow the technology they develop to be successfully represented, rolled out, and grow with ongoing customer needs. So how does a fleet choose which telematics provider...

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Improve Fleet Management With Professional Fleet Consultants

  Fleet Consultants Help You Improve Fleet Management   Many companies are already well aware that implementing a telematics fleet management system is very useful in terms of security, cost reduction, and quality of service offered to their customers. Unfortunately,...

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Competing AND Cooperating: The Way of The Future

Because of the wide acceptance by consumers of telematics devices, our industry has been rapidly growing. In 2014 160,000 subscriptions were added by Geotab alone, and the 100,000 unit goal of previous years has now been upgraded to a goal...

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