Driver Training

Address rising insurance premiums with a strategy that improves your fleet on an individual basis and ensures driver safety compliance.

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Tailor-Made Features

Use our tools and services to coach better, increase driver safety, and make training easier.

Practical Recommendations

Practical Recommendations

Consult with industry specialists to drive productivity, increase revenue, and more

Video-Based Driver Safety

Video-Based Driver Safety

Automatically detect risky driving and alert or verbally coach drivers in-cab as it happens

Safety Scorecards and Reports

Safety Scorecards and Reports

Measure safety compliance with driver scorecards and time-based reports

Labor-saving services for growing fleets Labor-saving services for growing fleets

Labor-saving services for growing fleets

Reviewing all triggered incidents on ZenduCam is important but it is time consuming. ZenduCam+ is a review service provided by GoFleet that uses human reviewers to analyze triggered video events and assess whether it was a real exception event.

Alert drivers in real-time to address time sensitive risks
Receive recommended corrective actions for events
Time saved increases as your fleet size increasess
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Accelerate training processes

Simplify multi-department involved training process by keeping all training materials in one place. Have an overview of what’s been assigned to a trainee and their progress on all training materials. Automate common tasks and flows.

Use as preventative and corrective safety measures
Visibility on individual and team training progress
Create, assign, and review training materials in-app
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Accelerate training processes Accelerate training processes
Incentivize and reward driver safety Incentivize and reward driver safety

Incentivize and reward driver safety

Incentivize driver performance improvement through contests and KPI metrics. Use positive reinforcement by rewarding safe drivers. Identify high risk drivers and determine specific areas they can improve on. Being specific makes it harder to take criticism personally.

Recognize safe driving behaviour with driver rankings
Reward top ranked drivers to ensure driver retention
Track fleet performance over time through reporting
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How it works?

Here’s how you can run safety contests to encourage driver safety compliance.

01 01

Review your fleet’s safety performance through built-in or custom reports. Use it to see where your fleet can improve.

02 02

Start a Driver Contest where drivers can score points for good practices related to the metric you want to improve.

03 03

Analyze the results of the contest. Reward winners and assign training to those who need it.

“We have found GoFleet to be a great fit for us due to their quick response time and the flexibility they have shown when we need a software process altered or help with report automation. We have also used GoFleet to roll out training to our employees who are using the system – our team found the training to be very valuable resulting in them to be more effective and efficient during their day”

James Temple
VP, Human Resources at Speedy Transport Group Inc.