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Does Your Fleet Need An Advanced Driver Assistance System?

The automotive industry continues to respond to consumer demand for enhanced safety features in an ongoing quest to develop more secure, automated vehicles and a safer driving experience for the people who operate them. The race to develop smarter, safer...

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: The Secret To Boosting Fleet Safety

Within fleets, technology continues to advance and as a result, drive new benefits. These safety benefits don’t only keep drivers and others safe on the road, but can in fact lower excess costs related to accidents or other driving incidents....

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Choosing the Best Commercial Vehicle Camera System For Your Fleet

Most fleet managers have had a driver get into an accident at some point and dealing with the fallout can be maddening. It’s often difficult to know exactly what happened, and fleet managers want to trust their driver’s explanation, but...

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Are You Protected During the Worst Road Months of the Year?

Any logistics company or fleet manager should be concerned about improving driver safety. Some of the worst road months of the year are during winter which is fast approaching. In winter months, snow, ice, poor visibility, and freezing temperatures can...

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Why Some Commercial Vehicle Dashcams Fail

It’s no secret - having commercial vehicle dashcams is the industry norm. Frequently, there are stories about how dashcams reduce liability, simplify insurance claims, and train employees. However, what about some of the other stories? Some companies experienced challenges on...

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Best Dashcam Stories Over the Last Year

Here’s an interesting stat. According to studies, company drivers were not responsible for over 80% of crashes. Because they protect good drivers, dashcams are becoming more popular for both businesses and private drivers. People are coming up with creative uses...

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Top 10 Dash Camera Features

Dash cameras are one of the fastest growing gadgets. Drivers are realizing that dash cameras protect them from accident liability. In addition, businesses are realizing that dash cameras are the next big trend for fleet safety. Accordingly, let’s determine the...

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Will a Dash Cam Change Your Fleet’s Driving Habits?

One of the world’s leading psychologists, Anders Ericsson, says that deliberate practice is the best way to master a skill. That can be difficult to apply to drivers, or really to most jobs. Deliberate practice involves setting goals outside an...

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Benefits of Dash Cams: 5 Reasons to Buy Dash Cams for Your Fleet

If your business runs a fleet of vehicles, you have probably thought about outfitting those vehicles with fleet dash cameras. These systems have become smaller, easier to use, and more affordable to the point where dash cams are providing a...

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