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Global Semiconductor Shortage: Impact To Shipping Times

Due to a global shortage of semiconductor production, many businesses are feeling the effects. Not only are car manufacturers hit by this, but fleet management organizations as well. Which as a result, could impact numerous fleets around the world.

A Deeper Look Into What Caused The Shortage 

In recent news, a semiconductor or computer chip shortage was noted. While there is no definite cause for this, many are accounting the shortage to be a result of various factors which include the following: 

  • Factory shutdowns that happened as stay-at-home orders were put into effect 
  • An increased need of technology required for work-from-home orders
  • A surge in cryptocurrency 
  • The 3G network shutdown prompting fleets to upgrade hardware 

All of these play together to result in there not being enough computer chips for the new development of certain products. While it’s easy to assume the impacts to the production of computers or other computer-chip dominated items, other sectors are feeling the impacts.


How Fleets Will Be Impacted 

It is important that fleets in all industries pay attention to these events as it could impact their operations. If there is certain hardware which requires semiconductors, it could mean that fulfillment will be delayed on a global scale.


What The Shortage Means For GoFleet Customers

GoFleet customers should keep in mind that Go Devices use semiconductors with the hardware. The computer chip is the core of the device to allow data to be collected and transmitted to the various solutions fleets are leveraging in MyGeotab. Without the chip, the devices would not be able to display real-time information or be interconnected with your fleet.


What You Can Do

We are urging our customers to review their yearly plan and factor is the global shipping delays for new hardware. Some delays will be upwards of 60 days and depending on the hardware requirement, it means that fleets will need to put in purchasing orders earlier. 

If your fleet is thinking of purchasing specific hardware for compliance or network updates in regard to the Canadian ELD Mandate or the 3G network shutdown, the global shortage must be taken into consideration.

If you would like to learn more about how the shortage in semiconductors may impact plans for your fleet in 2021, please contact our Success Team today. We will work with you so you can put a plan in place to ensure your organization feels the least amount of disruption.

GoFleet’s Yearly Review: Taking a Look at 2020 and 2021

This past year has been like no other. Over the course of the last 12 months our organization not only had to change the way we operate as a result of the pandemic, but we learned new ways in which we could help our customers who came to us with new and changing needs. With that being said, we believe it was critical to self-reflect on this year and share our findings with a yearly review. 

How Did GoFleet Grow as an Organization as a Result of the Pandemic? 

As an organization, we felt the impact of the pandemic as our customers and their businesses were directly affected. A positive result that arose was that we were able to connect with our customers more on a personal level to help them navigate the uncertain events that were happening. In fact, it made us appreciate the relationships that we formed with our customers and appreciate even more the work that they do on a daily basis. 

To help, we not only reflected on our business offerings and tried to help with cost-savings incentives to our customers, but we searched for more solutions that would better fit their unique needs and budgets at this time. 

As we are focused on building long-term relationships, this is something we are doing and will continue to do. 

What was GoFleet’s Goal in 2020 and what will be GoFleet’s Goal In 2021? 

At the beginning of 2020, GoFleet created a roadmap and listed various goals that we thought was important to work towards throughout the next 365 days. More specifically, we wanted to focus on sharing how Managed Services can help our customers not only improve their operations but save them time and money. In addition, we aimed to begin to network with OEM dealers while also being leaner as a company. With the course of the events that took place in 2020, it only encouraged us even more to reach those goals and remain successful. 

In 2021, we are excited to continue to grow our OEM Sales Program and our connections as we see this to be a valuable position not only for our company, but our customers as well. With such a program available, we can better help more fleets at the beginning of their journeys. In addition, we are looking to continue to further the expansion of Managed Services to non-traditional telematics services and data consulting as we are seeing positive possibilities from being Zenduit-powered.  

What Trends do you see Coming for Fleets in 2021? 

This year we believe that there are various trends that fleets must prepare for to remain successful. Below we list the trends and/or focuses that we anticipate: 

∙ More Electric Vehicle (EV) oriented insights and analysis as EV technology is advancing and zero emission regulations are discussed and put into place.

∙ OEM data integrations growing in popularity in comparison to aftermarket hardware integrations. 

∙ More car sharing and fleet pooling which leverage iox-keyless and sharing strategies to reduce the number of vehicles that a fleet has by using mobility apps to order and manage on demand.


A Quick Review: What did GoFleet do in 2020? 

A lot happened in 2020, keep reading to learn more about what happened! 


How Our Organization Changed: 

∙ We started working remotely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure staff safety.

∙ We continued to work and adjust our approach to customer success.


How Our Offerings Changed:

∙ We partnered with Samsara to better help fleets.

∙ We leveraged Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to improve safety in all fleets.

∙ We focused on promoting responder-to-vehicle (R2V) communication to improve public and first responder safety 

∙ We added a new support add-in on MyGeotab.

∙ We partnered with Drivewyze to help fleets improve efficiency.

∙ We launched GoFleet Health Check to help fleets digitally monitor the health status and potential symptoms of drivers.


A Few Customers We Helped: 

∙ We helped CR&R Environmental Services improve training and driver behaviour with the installation of ZenduCAM devices. 

∙ We helped DeCarolis Truck Leasing and Rental improve visibility, reporting, data collection, maintenance scheduling and more with Geotabs and Flex trackers.

∙ We helped Speedy Transport Group Inc lower unnecessary fuel consumption and increase overall productivity with the Geotab Drive app.

∙ We helped Forest Trotter with trailer made solutions to improve data collection and visibility. 

∙ We helped Rogue Transportation Inc avoid strains on work processes by leveraging new integrations. 

A lot happened in 2020 making it a year like no other. While our team was able to accomplish a lot, we want to take a moment to thank all of our customers and supporters. 

We are looking forward to what 2021 has to offer and how we can continue to not only help fleets in various industries improve their operations and save costs, but how we can drive change in the sector! 

7 Tips To Improve Your Company’s Customer Support


Improving Your Company’s Customer Support


There are tons of companies out there that spend tens of thousands of dollars on promoting their brand. Unfortunately, customer support (which can often be the customers first contact with a company) doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Too many businesses make it overly complicated for customers to get the help they desire, ultimately creating a bad impression of the company as a whole.

To improve your customer and technical support services, take a look at these expert tips:

1. Cover All Channels, Based On Your Consumer

It’s not all about phone based support any more, which is why it’s important to make sure you cover all your bases. Phone support is a must but if your products and/or services are geared towards active social media users, you may want to offer support via your Twitter or Facebook account.

It is also important to offer options. Phone support is a must but what about offering email support or a support portal for those who may not have the time to sit on the phone with you to have their issue resolved? Get to know your customers and their needs, then determine the different channels they will most commonly use and benefit from.

2. Listen to Your Customers

Pay close attention to what they are writing or saying; give your customers the confidence that you will personally own and solve the issue at hand. People don’t like to passed around from one agent to another.

Do not use terms your customer won’t understand. Use plain English but be sure not to talk down to your customers, you want to be as straight forward and polite as possible.

3. Offer a Self-Service Option

If a customer can quickly find detailed answers to their problems all on their own, they’ll feel empowered and appreciate the information they were able to find without having to deal with customer support. Self-service can often be quicker than calling an agent over the phone, plus it frees up time for your support agents to focus on the bigger problems customers are having, not minor ones that have an easy fix.

Self-service is a good addition to phone, email and other support. You don’t want to make your customers feel like they have to solve their issues on their own, but it is a nice option to offer.

4. No One Likes Being On Hold

No one wants to be left on hold for more than about a minute or two, or they tend to get impatient and frustrated. If your support agent is unable to resolve the issues in a timely manner while on the phone with the customer, simply tell the customer you will be looking into this issue and call back when you have a resolution.

5. Use a Multichannel Ticket Management System

If you have multiple channels for support (which is recommended) it is important to have a ticket system in place to keep track of all support issues in once place. For example, if a customer emails you, you should have the ability to turn that email into a support ticket to stay on top of all incoming queries and answering them in a timely manner.

6. Hire Awesome Reps

Your support staff basically demonstrate to your consumers who you are as a company. Your agents should be patient with your customers and really find a joy in helping people. You can’t preach about the importance of keeping your customers happy and then offer a poor and unreliable experience.

7. Have Enough Reps, Especially During Peak Times

Make sure you have enough reps to effectively deal with your customer base. As your business grows, your support team should grow.

If your business is busier at certain times of the year, you may need to hire some more reps at that time to manage your support successfully.

Sources 11 Tips for Improving Your Company’s Customer Support

GPS Tracker Software: Provide Superior Customer Service

Provide Superior Customer Service Using GPS Tracker Software

Providing superior customer service is a key way for a business to differentiate itself from its competitors. As a business owner, you need to know what your customers expect so you can meet and exceed those expectations. As a service company, one simple way to develop a competitive advantage through customer service is to implement a fleet management system with GPS tracker software.

High quality customer service is essential to your business’ long-term success. Retaining customers, by keeping them loyal and happy, is much more cost-effective than attracting new customers. GoFleet’s GPS tracker software is an easy way of managing your service team and measuring their success. Focusing on providing the best customer service puts you ahead of your competition.

GoFleet’s GPS tracker software provides a real-time analysis of vehicle locations, driving patterns, arrival times and historical data. Managers can use job site addresses to optimize the drivers’ routes and schedules. Service technicians are able to perform more jobs each day, increasing customer satisfaction, overall productivity and profits.

Furthermore, GPS tracker software provides additional flexibility when callers need immediate or emergency service. Fleet managers will be able to dispatch the closest vehicle to the job site without disrupting the daily schedule. Your customers will be extremely grateful your services because are efficient and timely, helping you to create long-term business relationships.

When you use GoFleet’s GPS tracker software, you will be able to tell your customers an accurate estimated time of arrival. Unlike you competitors, you will not give your customers a long service window. When the customer uses your service, they will not be stuck home from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. waiting for the service technician to arrive. When your customer needs service, you will be able to confidently tell them “Our service technician will arrive at your location within 30 minutes.” You can even tell them how far away the driver is to their location.

Customers will really appreciate the high quality service they receive because your company uses GoFleet’s GPS tracker software. When your customers are happy, your company has a better reputation, you receive more repeat business, more people are referred to your company, and, ultimately, you enjoy more revenue. Contact Us today to find out how our GPS fleet tracking software can improve your customer service.

New Competitive Differentiator is Customer Support

Customer Support is the Key to Success

Stability is lacking in today’s worldwide economy, in addition to higher competition levels, shorter product lifecycles, and decreasing margins has forced technology companies to quickly act in protecting their current customer base. The retention of customers can be achieved through competitive pricing and special offers. However, society is now recognizing that excellent customer support/service proves to be the most important factor.

Competitive differentiation is often identified through the level of services and support provided as opposed to the product itself. Customer retention has proven to be more important than ever before. Through the formation of strong relationships, overall customer loyalty will increase greatly at an organization.

This knowledge is especially relevant to the high technology industry. It is no longer acceptable to simply have a sophisticated fleet management solution. It is important to also ensure the fleet management solution provider you choose to work with offers high quality and convenient technical support. Companies require an easy to access method for getting help and answers to all questions at any given time.

Here at GoFleet, we take pride in the customer support we offer. We are with you every step of the way from installation, creating custom reports, and helping you throughout your entire time working with us with anything you may need. Many other companies only offer support through the installation stage, we offer it whenever you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also allow you to engage in self service support for commonly asked questions.

Without a strong support team behind the product, especially when it comes to GPS fleet tracking, the product significantly loses value. Speak with one of our fleet consultants about our high quality customer support and products we offer. Check out these testimonials below on GoFleet’s rock star customer support:

“With Emile from support I was better able to understand the reports. He is always available to answer my questions and he does so clearly and patiently. GoFleet is a great company to work with. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs this service and I have.”
– Veronia Kukkola, Poppa Corn

The ease of plug and play technology, custom reporting that goes beyond “the norm”, and perhaps my favorite part, talking to the same person every time I call!
– Fleet Coordinator

How GPS Tracker Devices Will Ensure Top Quality Customer Service

GPS Tracker Devices Ensure Top Customer Service Quality

Each and every business knows that providing top-notch customer service is the name of the game; without it businesses will quickly be overridden by a competitor that respects the importance of taking good care of the customer. You may have the best product on the market or provide an incredible and unique service but without being reliable, friendly and dependable you will quickly lose out on valuable repeat customers and referrals. The benefits of GPS tracker devices to this area of business may not seem obvious, but in both short and long-term, you will find that meeting and exceeding customer expectations is a much more achievable goal with the use of a GPS fleet tracking system.

The data that is sent back to the central database is in real-time, which means you are able to provide the customer with live up-dates regarding the location of the vehicle. You can provide them with a very specific time of arrival and ensure that the driver stays on the designated route; you will find that more destinations can be reached in the same time period and therefore more satisfied customers to appreciate.

Employee-customer disputes will be eliminated thanks to GPS tracker devices. You will know the exact time your employee arrives at the customer location and the time they leave. If a customer complains about one of your employees being late or taking too long to fix an issue you will now be able to know the truth of the matter.

These are just a few of the features GPS tracker devices have to offer. Your company can benefit from installing these devices in a multitude of ways. To learn more about our GPS tracker devices and how they can save your company money and time please contact us via email: [email protected] or phone: 1-888-998-1122.