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Risk Management: Improve Compliance, Lower Insurance Costs

A poor safety rating can be crippling to a business. Orkin, the 20th largest fleet in the world knows this all too well. The sustainability of Orkin’s entire business was threatened by a poor safety rating. At one point 7%...

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The Secret of Earning Fleet Insurance Discounts

Fleet Insurance Discounts One of the main factors people look at when determining whether GPS fleet tracking is suitable for their fleet is whether they will gain a ROI. Earning fleet insurance discounts is one of the many factors in...

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GoFleet’s Fleet Tracking Solution Provides Valuable Insurance Savings

GoFleet’s Fleet Tracking Solution Provides Valuable Insurance Savings When you use GoFleet’s fleet tracking solution, you qualify for a fleet insurance discount through Liberty Mutual Insurance. This means that you can earn up to a 40% insurance savings with safe...

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GPS Fleet Management Solutions Provide Big Savings

GPS Fleet Management Solutions Maximize Return with Big Savings Reduce Fuel Costs: Idling, Speeding, Mileage Thousands of vehicles using GoFleet's GPS fleet management solutions have realized significant cost savings. GoFleet offers the most extensive metrics available to help you effectively...

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Strength In Numbers: Investing In Fleet Insurance

If you have a business that requires certain vehicles to be in certain locations at certain times and care for the large customer base you’ve spent multiple years building, then you need a fleet management solution to aid your business...

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