Asset Monitoring & Cold Chain

Asset monitoring and utilization to keep your fleet connected and efficient

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Tailor-Made Features for Asset Monitoring

Use durable industry-specific asset trackers depending on the intended use.

Reduce Equipment Loss

Reduce Equipment Loss

Monitor and locate your assets in real-time, increase utilization and receive status updates at set intervals

Prevent Downtime

Prevent Downtime

Use continuous performance data to predict delays, maintenance and improve reliability

Track Temperature

Track Temperature

Track Real-time temperature to ensure compliance with FDA and FSMA regulations

asset monitoring asset monitoring

Be notified of events

Use asset trackers to monitor the location of equipment on a worksite or in a warehouse with alerts set up so if there is unauthorized movement such as theft, users are notified.

Analyze events to reduce detention and delays
Provide real-time ETAs for better delivery experience
Guarantee compliance through reporting
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Increase Asset Utilization

Our asset tracking software collects data on changing environments so teams can better anticipate travel conditions.

Save time locating equipment
Analyze Utilization, Drive time, Total Distance and Days Driven to maximize uptime
Get advanced equipment specific data using asset trackers which are IP67-rated, Cellular/Satellite, Battery/Hardwired/Solar powered
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asset tracking asset tracking
Track Real-time Temperature Track Real-time Temperature

Track Real-time Temperature

Pair tracking and temperature monitoring solutions with mapping and dispatching software when environmental conditions or location of assets need to be monitored.

Reduce downtime by fixing issues before they escalate
Ensure compliance to strict FDA and FSMA regulations by monitoring temperature
Analyze routes and delivery status with temperature reports.
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How cold chain management works?

Here’s how you can streamline your Cold Chain Management Process.

01 01

Temperature controlled Shipment Confirmed for customer delivery. Pre-trip check passes.

02 02

Tracker pings temperature information in regular intervals. Real-time Analytics solutions can be used to catch any anomaly as soon it happens.

03 03

Upon delivery at the customer location, data can be compiled and certified that the product is safe to use.

“We have found GoFleet to be a great fit for us due to their quick response time and the flexibility they have shown when we need a software process altered or help with report automation. We have also used GoFleet to roll out training to our employees who are using the system – our team found the training to be very valuable resulting in them to be more effective and efficient during their day”

James Temple
VP, Human Resources at Speedy Transport Group Inc.