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Increase Fleet Protection Using GPS Tracking With A Dual Camera Add-On

Protect Your Fleet With GPS Tracking and Camera Add-On

GPS fleet tracking technology is one of the 21st century’s most profound innovations improving productivity, reducing costs and lowering risks for business owners. When you add-on a Smartwitness dual camera system to your GoFleet GPS fleet tracking system, you are taking your fleet protection to another level. In addition to having all of the advantages of a GoFleet real-time tracking system, you will now have real-time video of the events that occur both inside and outside of the vehicle. The integration is seamless with the GoFleet GPS software. It includes an integrated GPS antenna, speaker, microphone and impact senor.

How Can A Smartwitness Camera Add-On Provide Additional Protection?

Dual Cameras:
With a real-time dual camera system, you will be able to record events outside and inside of the vehicle. In the event of a traffic accident, this will prove invaluable as you will have a high resolution video of what actually happened.

Accurate Tracking:
The dual cameras are not only recording driving events as they occur, you are actually able to pinpoint the exact time and location of the event.

Emergency Recording:
When an emergency event occurs, such as impact, sudden stop or start, over speed or parking, the G-force automatically records the event. This way you do not have to worry about the emergency event not being recorded. You will be able to view the emergency recording at a later time.

PC Playback:
Simply use the PC View to manage and view the recorded videos. This easy-to-use computer program allows you to backup, e-mail and print videos that were recorded.

Additional Vehicle Protection:
The dual camera add-on also has motion recording capabilities to assist you with vehicle protection. Also, there is no need to worry about night vision because Smartwitness has got you covered.

The dual camera add-on is just one of the reasons that GoFleet is an industry leader. They go above and beyond to provide additional fleet protection for business owners.

More information: Live Streaming Incident Camera Add-On.

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