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There’s No Room for Error When Transporting Vaccines

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone's day to day life and significantly disrupted businesses' routines and operations. People are all anxiously hoping for an end to the crisis and a return to normalcy, as soon as possible.  After months of...

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Food Transportation: Why Temperature Monitoring Should Not Be Overlooked

Given the current economic environment, many commercial transportation fleets can’t afford to have hiccups in their operations. When speaking about food transportation, this remains true as food products are at a higher risk of being rejected by receivers if they...

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Food Industry 2018 | FSMA & Remote Temperature Monitoring Systems

If you are in the transportation industry, the word “ELD” probably sounds very familiar. Last year, thousands of fleets switched over to electronic logs as part of the FMCSA mandate. Similarly this year, the Food and Drug Administration is enforcing...

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Oil & Gas Safety | The Importance of Training, Wireless Gas Detection and Disaster Recovery Planning

Are all gas leaks dangerous? According to Nicholas Kawa, only some leaks are dangerous. Kawa worked as a gas leak investigator. During his job, Kawa was surprised to find out that gas leaks were everywhere and not all leaks were...

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Advantages of Wireless Temperature Monitoring

What are some of the advantages of wireless temperature monitoring? Improving Customer Service Preventing Spoilage Complying with Laws Before discussing these benefits, let’s take a step back. Even before wireless temperature monitoring existed, fleets had to control temperature to ensure...

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A Guide to Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems

A common question that fleets ask when they begin their research is, "What is the best wireless temperature monitoring system for our business needs?" There are many wireless temperature monitoring systems, each fitting different business needs. Two alternatives include Bluetooth...

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Top 5 Things to Look for in a Reefer Temperature Monitoring System

With the release of the new US Food Safety Modernization Act, there is a huge increase in demand for reefer temperature monitoring systems. But with the release of this new mandate, it's important to ensure the system you choose, is...

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Step Up Your Game with a Fleet Temperature Monitoring System

  TEMPERATURE MONITORING SYSTEM BRINGS BIG SAVINGS   As an article from earlier this year in Fleet Equipment Magazine makes clear, shipping costs for refrigerated goods can be greatly reduced with a good fleet temperature monitoring system. Of course, putting...

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Reefer Temperature Monitoring Protects Food & Beverages

Protect Food And Beverages With Reefer Temperature Monitoring GoFleet offers reefer temperature monitoring as an add-on to their GPS fleet management solution. Valor Temptrac protects food and beverages by ensuring they are stored at the correct temperatures so they stay...

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