Satellite Tracking Device: Indispensable Business Tool

The Indispensable Business Tool: Satellite Tracking Device

For many businesses, the satellite tracking device has become an indispensable tool for fleet management and asset tracking. Originally, Global Positioning System, also known as GPS, was developed for the US military by the Department of Defense. Currently, GPS is available for civilian use all over the world. Businesses are learning how to leverage this extremely powerful technology to improve the way they conduct business.

GoFleet’s satellite tracking device helps managers effectively manage their fleets. The easy-to-use internet-based fleet management software provides accurate location information, route history and driving data including drivers’ behaviors. It has been proven that using GoFleet’s satellite tracking device can increase a company’s bottom line, reduce overhead costs, increase productivity, improve driver safety, and reduce fuel consumption. Effective fleet management can also help improve overall customer satisfaction.

The fleet management software gathers and organizes the driving data so that fleet managers can improve their operational efficiencies. Customizable reports and alerts can be set up to notify fleet managers of drivers’ behaviors such as speeding, excessive idling, aggressive driving, route deviation, unauthorized vehicle use and seat belt usage. Reminders can also be set for upcoming preventative maintenance based on vehicle mileage, engine hours or time.

In addition to fleet management, GoFleet’s SmartOne Sat can also be used to track a company’s assets such as equipment, containers or trailers. It is not enough to have a list of important company assets. Not keeping track of valuable company assets can lead to huge financial losses. It is critical for companies to know where their assets are located at all times. The SmartOne Satellite Tracking Device can be easily synchronized with GoFleet’s fleet management software for easy location.

GoFleet has other satellite device tracking options and add-ons such as Spot Tracker, vehicle cameras, tire monitoring, wireless gas detection, trailer temperature monitoring, Man Down System, and much more. For more information about GoFleet’s satellite tracking device or other fleet management tools, Contact Us.

Fleet Vehicle Tracking Increases Productivity & Efficiency

Increase Productivity & Efficiency with Fleet Vehicle Tracking

You might not know that fleet vehicle tracking not only tracks vehicles’ locations, it also increases productivity and efficiency. GPS fleet management software automatically plans efficient routes which will reduce the amount of time your driver spends on the road.

Often times, drivers drive the route they are most familiar with even when it is not the most efficient. They usually do not realize that there is actually a faster way to get to the destination. When you use fleet vehicle tracking, you can provide your driver with the most efficient route each day before they start work. The driver will then drive that route to each of your customers’ locations. Less time on the road means your drivers will be able to visit more customers each day, increasing the driver’s productivity and your company’s overall efficiency.

If a customer calls in with an urgent service call, your dispatchers can easily re-route your drivers. The closest driver to the new location can be sent after they finish up at their current location. This ensures that the work is done efficiently because the appropriate driver will complete the job and not the first driver who saw the new job in the system. Without fleet vehicle tracking, dispatchers could end up sending a driver in another city to the job location when there was a driver located right around the block.

Fleet vehicle tracking also increases your business’ efficiency. With more efficient routes, your business will spend less money on fuel and labor costs. Your drivers are able to get more done in the workday without going into overtime. In addition, since they will be driving less, there are less miles used to get from jobsite to jobsite. Companies normally see an automatic reduction in fuel costs after they implement a fleet vehicle tracking system.

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Live Tracking Can Help Your Company’s Fleet Operations

Help Your Company’s Fleet Operations with Live Tracking

Using live tracking for your fleet will allow you to see where your vehicles are directly from your computer screen at any time of the day. In addition to instantly locating your vehicles, you can see where they have been and how fast they were going. Instant alerts can be set up to notify you if the driver goes above a set speed, drives out of an authorized zone, drives aggressively or idles excessively. Live fleet tracking will help you increase productivity and lower fuel costs. Within a matter of weeks, your company will see a fast return on investment.

The saying is true, “You cannot manage what you do not measure.” Trying to keep track of your employees while they are driving can be a difficult task. Live tracking gives you a deeper insight into how your employees are using your mobile assets. Company inefficiencies can come in many forms, and GPS fleet tracking software can help you see them clearly so they can be addressed. Some of the inefficiencies that that fleet management software can help you uncover include:

– Poor routing

– Employee moonlighting

– Excessive idling

– Speeding

– Unsafe driving habits

– Gasoline theft

– Liability risks

– Theft of company assets

– Exaggerated or false time sheets

– Excessive breaks

– Late start times

Live tracking allows you to reduce your fleet’s hidden costs which can add money to your bottom-line. You will be able to easily monitor your drivers and your vehicles to find out information that was once unknown. The system works like a virtual manager. When your drivers are off the clock, it becomes a security guard watching after your vehicles.

Many companies are amazed when they uncover the percentage of their employees that are conducting personal business while they are at work. The tracking system provides valuable details about where your driver has driven, their start and stop times, total daily miles driven and much more. Many fleet managers uncover their employees stopping off with their company assets to service non-customers for cash.

Live tracking can also save you money on fuel. The system closely monitors how long your drivers are idling their vehicles. For each hour your vehicles are idling, one gallon of fuel is being wasted. This can really add up over time or with a lot of vehicles on the road. The fleet management software will send you an alert whenever a driver idles excessively so that you have time to have the behavior corrected immediately. You can also run reports with all of the drivers’ idle times.

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Automobile Tracking Devices: Improve Your Business

Improve Your Business With Automobile Tracking Devices

GPS uses satellite signals to track your vehicles’ location. It is such a precise system, it is able to pinpoint your vehicles’ actual location within only yards. Over the years, GPS automobile tracking devices have played a huge part in fleet management.

Improved Dispatching

The automobile tracking devices is used with a web-based software that your dispatchers can access from their computer or mobile device. It allows for better dispatching of drivers because the dispatchers no longer have to make judgment calls as to when the vehicle will arrive and where the vehicle is located. If a customer calls regarding the status of a driver, the dispatcher will be able to give an accurate estimated time of arrival. Furthermore, the dispatcher can send the closest driver to an urgent service call. The automobile tracking devices makes the dispatching more timely and improves the quality of service you deliver to your customers.

Efficient Routing

Using automobile tracking devices also provides more efficient routing. Automatic routes are provided using your customers address data. Drivers will be given the smartest route to each customer’s location. With efficient routing, your drivers will be able to arrive at more customer locations each day ultimately adding money to your bottom line. Improved routing will save time, increase productivity and reduce fuel consumption.

GPS Navigation

Automobile tracking devices have another great benefit, navigation. You no longer have to worry about your drivers getting lost in a remote location or unfamiliar territory. Drivers can end up wasting a lot of time if they get lost, ask for directions or keep stopping to check the map. Automobile tracking devices provide turn-by-turn audible directions to save time, fuel expenses and improve driver safety.

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Route Optimization Software Increases Fleet Efficiency

Increase Fleet Efficiency With Route Optimization Software

Automated route optimization software can be used to reduce operating costs with fleet tracking and performance reporting. There are many advanced tools to help companies schedule the most efficient routes, track performance and analyze their fleet operations.

Route optimization software is available as an add-on to the GoFleet GPS fleet tracking solution. It allows you to deliver a higher level of customer service because you can receive automatic alerts, visual notifications as well as advanced operational reporting. The tools can be used to help you schedule efficient routes, increase fleet effciency and keep your drivers productivity up. Your customers will notice a big difference with accurate estimated times of arrivals, short service windows and quick dispute resolution.

Optimized routing also reduces the amount of miles your drivers travel. Driving less miles is actually the most effective way to reduce your fuel costs. Since your routes will be automatically planned out for your drivers, they will actually have more time to visit more customers. The more customers you are able to provide service to, the more money your business is able to make.

Route optimization software allows you to monitor your drivers’ progress and identify any drivers who are incurring an excessive amount of miles. If a driver travels out of an authorized area, you will be immediately notified via email or dashboard message. You will immediately gain control over whether your drivers are going where they are supposed to when you add-on the route optimization software.

In addition, you will also be able to identify any drivers that have inefficient fuel usage behaviors such as excessive idling for climate control. You can also set up instant notifications if your driver idles excessively so you can immediately correct the behavior. A driver’s behavior is actually the key to how much fuel is used. Other driving behaviors that affect fuel consumption include speeding, shift patterns and excessive rpm. Route optimization software provides a better insight into your drivers’ habits so that you can work with them to improve their behaviors over time.

GPS Tracking System Software Can Help Prevent Dangerous Driving

Help Prevent Dangerous Driving With GPS Tracking System Software

In addition to ensuring your drivers are safe, business owners need to avoid unnecessary costs from careless or dangerous driving. Some people might think there is not much you can do to prevent dangerous driving when your drivers are on the road; however, with GPS tracking system software you can prevent this behavior.

GPS tracking system software can provide insight into your drivers’ activities allowing you to easily identify dangerous driving patterns. Dangerous activities include speeding, hard breaking, engine revving, rapid acceleration and sharp cornering. The GPS tracking system software does not only give you data about what your drivers are doing on the road today, you can also see how they were driving in the past.

The GPS tracking system software allows you to proactively communicate with your drivers using audible alerts inside of the vehicle. The alert is actually a beeping sound to notify your driver they have broken one of your customized safe driving rules. The driver can then realize what they have done and immediately correct their behavior. These beeping alerts will help your driver correct their own mistakes and, over time, their driving habits will improve.

You will be able to review customized reports using the GPS tracking system software. These reports can illustrate any risky drivers, the drivers who speed the most frequently and at the highest speeds, and the driving patters of each driver.

With GPS tracking system software, you can easily set up customized notifications that can be sent to your email or software dashboard. These notifications will let you know when a driver breaks one of your rules, in real-time. For example, notifications can be sent if a driver speeds, drives out of the authorized area, hard breaks, idles excessively or drives aggressively.

The key to preventing dangerous driving using a GPS tracking system software is to develop a safety plan for your fleet drivers. You need to make sure your business has adopted a culture of safety and awareness to help prevent accidents from occurring.

Commercial GPS For Trucks: Simplifying Fleet Management

Simplify Fleet Management With GoFleet’s Commercial GPS For Trucks

Managing a fleet can be extremely stressful and complex. When the fleet is a critical component of your business it causes the fleet management task to be even more stressful. Commercial GPS for trucks by GoFleet can make your life easier by simplifying the fleet management process.

Commercial tracking system lets you see where all your vehicles are located at all times right from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. That information is extremely useful; however, that is only the beginning of what a fleet management solution can do for you. It also provides a complete vehicle history of where the vehicle has been since the commercial GPS for truck system was installed in your fleet. If you notice an issue with a vehicle, you can easily download the vehicle’s history and analyze why the issue is occurring. This feature allows you to be able to identify any issues and take immediate correction action.

Another great feature of GoFleet’s commercial GPS for trucks is the instant alerts that can be set up. If a driver is speeding, driving aggressively, idling excessively, hard breaking or driving out of the predefined area, an instant alert can be sent to your email or displayed in the fleet management system dashboard to notify you of the issue. Knowing this information when it happens gives you the opportunity to address the problem and have it corrected immediately. The notifications can also be set up to remind you of upcoming vehicle maintenance based on engine hours, time or mileage. Making sure your vehicles receive all necessary preventative maintenance can increase the useful life of your fleet vehicles.

For more information about how our commercial GPS for trucks can simplify your fleet management with vehicle histories, instant alerts and preventative maintenance reminders, Contact Us.

What GPS Fleet Tracking Can Do For Your Small Business

GPS Fleet Tracking: What It Can Do For Can Do For Your Small Business

GPS fleet tracking is no longer just for large corporate fleets. It is now an affordable option available to help you gain control of your small business’ fleet. Even if you just have a few vehicles, fleet tracking is an essential business tool. You do not need expensive satellite equipment or a big investment to take advantage of the fleet management tools that your larger competitors are using.

The fleet tracking system will give you a greater transparency into your fleet operations. Most small businesses find the greatest impact for their smaller fleets is their ability to reduce overhead costs, increase fuel efficiency, improve vehicle maintenance and lower their insurance premiums. Your small business can easily save thousands of dollars by managing your fleet more efficiently.

The web based fleet management software, provides an easy to use dashboard that is completely customizable. You can set up email or desktop alerts to be immediately notified if your drivers speed, drive aggressively, hard break, idle excessively or drive out of an authorized zone. This allows you to immediately address the issue and make sure it is corrected right away. You will be able to make sure your fleet is operating at the same level of efficiency as large corporate fleets.

The GPS fleet tracking system works as an automatic timesheet. This accurate time information will help you reduce your overhead costs. Drivers will no longer accidently turn in timesheets that are inaccurate or be able to take advantage of you by purposely turning in unworked hours. Many small businesses find that they are able to immediately reduce their labor costs by up to 20 percent.

You will also be able to provide your drivers with the most efficient routes. Coupled with improving your driver’s behaviors, you will be able to increase your fuel efficiency. For most businesses with a fleet, fuel costs are the largest fleet expense. You will finally be able to control this expense even when you cannot control the cost of fuel.

Network Fleet Solution: The Ultimate Tool For Management

The Ultimate Tool For Management: GoFleet’s Network Fleet Solution

When you use GoFleet’s network fleet solution, you open up the possibility of many tangible financial benefits. Any businesses that rely on their fleet to provide services and products to their customers should install GoFleet’s network fleet solution. Real-time GPS fleet tracking allows you to gain complete control of your fleet, reduce costs significantly and improve driver productivity.

Reduce Fuel Costs

GoFleet’s network fleet solution works to reduce your fuel costs. It provides dispatchers with location-based information that they can use to properly route your vehicles to job sites or locations. You will also be able to
send the closest vehicle to a job site. Drivers will not be driving all over town with efficient truck routing.

A huge factor in fuel usage is speeding. When your drivers maintain proper speeds, you can reduce the fuel usage significantly. GoFleet’s network fleet solution provides automatic alerts and speed information when a driver exceeds the speed threshold.

Another factor in fuel usage is excessive idling. Often times, drivers use excessive idling in their vehicle as a form of climate control. This causes you to lose money directly from your bottom line. Using GoFleet’s network fleet solution, you can reduce idling times. You will be automatically alerted to the issue so that it can be immediately corrected.

Excellent Customer Service

GoFleet’s network fleet solution allows you to provide better customer service. You will know exactly where your drivers are at all times. Your fleet managers can provide better dispatching and routing to your customers’ locations. Your drivers will not be able to make “off-route” stops causing a delay for your customers.

In addition, GoFleet’s network fleet solution will allow you to provide an accurate estimated time of arrival to your customers. They will greatly appreciate knowing exactly when your driver will arrive at their location. You will find that it is much easier to provide excellent customer service with a tracking system installed in your fleet.

For more information about how GoFleet’s network fleet solution can help your company, Contact Us.

GPS Fleet Tracker Offers Many Unexpected Benefits

Many Unexpected Benefits Offered By GoFleet’s GPS Fleet Tracker

Companies are not just using GoFleet’s GPS fleet tracker to locate their vehicles, they are using the system to manage the drivers, make their fleet more efficient and reduce costs. Once the system is installed these companies realize that there are so many additional unexpected benefits.

Businesses face issues such as excessive fuel usage, vehicle preventative maintenance, stolen assets, and inaccurate labor costs. After a GoFleet GPS fleet tracker is installed, routing and dispatching is simplified and many of these issues can easily be addressed.

Excessive Fuel Usage

When a business uses a GoFleet’S GPS fleet tracker, they can increase fuel efficiency and reduce excessive fuel usage. Alerts can be sent directly to the fleet manager if a diver idles excessively so the issue can be addressed immediately. In addition, reports can be created for each driver to determine their fuel usage and idling times.

Vehicle Preventative Maintenance

Scheduling preventative maintenance can be a difficult and labor intensive with many fleet vehicles. It is easy to miss a preventative maintenance activity. With GoFleet’s GPS fleet tracker, vehicle preventative is easy and fleet managers will never forget when their vehicles are due for maintenance. Easy reminders can be set up for all maintenance activities based on mileage, time, or engine hours.

Stolen Assets

If a vehicle is stolen, GoFleet’s GPS fleet tracker can help recover the vehicle quickly. This will prevent unnecessary down time for the driver and the vehicle. Information about the vehicle’s location can be used by the police to recover the vehicle.

Inaccurate Labor Costs

Many fleet managers are shocked to find out how much they were paying in inaccurate labor costs after they install the GoFleet GPS tracker. Once the system is set up, the GPS fleet tracker can be used as an automatic time clock for the drivers. The drivers will not be able to increase their hours or claim unworked overtime. Many businesses find that they save money as soon as the system is implemented on inaccurate labor costs.