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Fleet Maintenance Can Extend the Life of Your Vehicles

Fleet vehicles are critical assets and represent a massive investment to your organization. For these reasons, it's essential to make sure they're taken care of in the short and long-term with proper fleet maintenance to keep operations running smoothly.  In...

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How CMMS Software Can Ensure Proper Fleet Maintenance

How CMMS Software Can Ensure Proper Fleet Maintenance Fleet managers often overlook maintenance procedures as well as maintenance solutions because of the challenges that come with introducing a new software solution to the fleet. Managers need to research vendors, go...

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How CMMS Stands Up Against Old Fashion Maintenance Tracking Methods

How CMMS Stands Up Against Old Fashion Maintenance Tracking Methods Fleets are trying to gain more profits and they try to do so by all means, especially when it comes to increasing efficiency. But efficiency is also impacted by the...

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Addressing Vehicle Lifespan: A Preventive Maintenance Guide For Fleets

Addressing Vehicle Lifespan - A Preventive Maintenance Guide With rising populations, technologies and more, fleets are taking their game to the next level to meet never-ending demands. Fleets are taking this opportunity and starting to look at improving their fleet...

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Don’t Let Poor Fleet Maintenance Slow Down Your Businesses

Keeping your fleet in good shape all-year-round can help you maximize productivity and avoid unexpected vehicle breakdowns or service delays. Meaning vehicle maintenance is an essential branch of fleet management.  The core idea of a maintenance program is identifying and...

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Part 2: Common Useful Reports - Maintenance & Fuel Reports

One of our biggest client requests is creating reports. Reports are a useful fleet management tool because they provide snapshots for decision making. For instance, fleet managers use maintenance & fuel reports to minimize fleet downtime and fleet fuel expenses....

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Fleet Maintenance Management: GPS & Engine Diagnostics Data

Enterprise fleet maintenance management can either make or break a fleet manager’s career. Why? Great maintenance makes fleet managers look like superstars because the fleet is productive and runs at a low cost. Bad maintenance, meanwhile, will cause a fleet...

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Getting Through Winter 2018 | Part 2: Winter Fleet Operations

Fleets are gearing up for winter fleet operations. Recently, weather forecasters predicted that winter 2018 is going to be a big one! According to their forecasts, this winter will be snowier and colder than normal. In Ontario and Quebec, forecasters...

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Getting Through Winter 2018 - Part 1 | Winter Fleet Maintenance

Winter fleet maintenance is once again a popular topic now that winter is almost upon us! Oh yes, (Or oh no, depending on your seasonal preference!) winter weather is indeed here. Earlier in November, a record cold temperature was set...

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