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Four Questions for Fleet Dispatchers to Solve

  What exactly is fleet dispatching?   Fleet dispatching is a job where someone communicates with drivers and customers in order to schedule driving assignments. Dispatchers have a hectic workload between managing drivers, customers, forms, and everything in between. What...

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Route Optimization Software Increases Fleet Efficiency

Increase Fleet Efficiency With Route Optimization Software Automated route optimization software can be used to reduce operating costs with fleet tracking and performance reporting. There are many advanced tools to help companies schedule the most efficient routes, track performance and...

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Computerized Maintenance Management Software Features

Features of GoFleet’s Computerized Maintenance Management Software Businesses face many challenges trying to manage their fleet's maintenance. Handling the process manually can prove time consuming and complicated. It is not difficult to overlook the scheduling of preventative maintenance. In addition,...

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Automated Fleet Routing Software Can Reduce Your Operating Costs

  Reduce Your Operating Costs With Automated Fleet Routing Software When you add-on automated fleet routing software to your GoFleet GPS tracking system, you will be able to track your performance and reduce operating costs. You will be able to...

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Better Route Optimization With A Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System & Route Optimization Original Article Written by: Thomas Jiang, Geotab Senior Developer It wasn't that long ago drivers of fleet were using paper maps with directions on paper. They would rely on their own memory to come...

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