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Customers Benefit From Global Positioning System Technology

Global Positioning System Technology Benefits Customers

Companies are finding that Global Positioning System technology does not just benefit fleet management, it also benefits their customers. Many of these companies did not expect their customers to have more customer satisfaction or a better overall reputation.

When a company implements a GPS fleet management solution, they are able to provide more accurate time of arrivals, short time windows, quick dispute resolution, and they are able to take care of their customers in a more efficiently. In addition, the GPS technology helps them serve more customers each day while letting their employees get home as fast as possible.

Accurate Arrival Times

Customers really appreciate being given accurate estimated times of arrival. They will learn that they can trust the time you tell them your employee will arrive at the job site. Unlike many of your competitors, your customers will not be stuck waiting all day for your employee to show up at their location.

Short Time Windows

Since you will know exactly where all your vehicles are at all time, you will be able to provide your customers with short time windows. Instead of telling your customer that your driver will arrive sometime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., you will be able to provide a 30 minute service window. You will have your routes conveniently planned out before your drivers leave for the day.

Quick Dispute Resolution

Your dispatchers will be able to closely monitor all of your drivers’ whereabouts which will enable a fast customer dispute resolution. It can be difficult to resolve disputes without the proper documentation of when your employees were on site. With GPS technology, you will have accurate records of all your service calls.


GPS technology allows you to serve your customers more efficiently. Your dispatchers will be able to send the closest driver to your customer’s location. If your customer calls with an emergency service call, you will be able to get a driver right out to them.

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