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Have A Construction Site? Here’s Why You Need Asset Tracking

Employing asset tracking solutions for your construction business allows you to access and assess critical performance data of your assets in real-time, whether you’re on-site or not. When you can collect and access data, you’re able to maximize the utilization...

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Cellular, Satellite Asset Trackers & BLE Beacons – An Industry Guide

With technology expanding continually and telematic solutions on the rise, fleets should consider taking advantage of the various resources available. When discussing telematics, asset trackers primarily come in mind. Having the ability to track various features of goods and vehicles...

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Off-Road Fleet Tracking: Why Your Construction Business Needs It

Construction managers have many responsibilities that include not only caring for the well being of their team, but the productivity of their projects. Often this includes meeting worksite compliance, verifying that equipment is efficiently used and ensuring that costs are...

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Why Use ZenScore? What it is, How to Use it, & Benefits!

    What is ZenScore?    ZenScore is an add-in found within MyGeotab and it’s completely free. Simply scroll to the bottom of the sidebar, and you will see the ZenScore add-in. But what is it? Let’s dive right in....

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Cut Costs With Fleet Maintenance Software

Our Fleet Maintenance Software Will Cut Down Your Costs Our easy to use fleet maintenance software/fleet management solutions are designed to help you cut costs associated with maintaining vehicles by streamlining your workflow. It will help you quickly and easily...

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