GPS Fleet Tracking Small Business Small Fleet Offers ROI

GPS Fleet Tracking Small Business And/Or Small Fleet

Small business owners often assume either GPS fleet tracking is too expensive or they will not benefit from tracking a small fleet. Some small business owners do not even consider vehicle tracking because they think it is only for large fleets. GPS fleet tracking is just as much for small businesses as it is for large. Any company with 2 or more vehicles can benefits from GPS tracking software. You would be surprised to know about 25% of our customers have fleets smaller than 5 vehicles and could not be happier with the return on investment (ROI) they have received from the solution.

Yes, GPS vehicle tracking CAN seem expensive, but essentially you get what you pay for. The number one thing you need to keep in mind when making the decision about GPS tracking is the opportunity for a ROI. That is the great thing about fleet tracking, not only does it optimize the way you do business, it offers a return on investment by helping you save on fuel, reducing distance traveled and bringing down insurance costs.

If you are a small business owner and are just simply interested in tracking your vehicles, not all the other features we offer, we can accommodate you as well. What many people don’t know is we offer 2 levels of tracking: BASIC & PRO. Our BASIC tracking is significantly lower in price than our PRO because it does not include all of the features. However, it is great for people who simply only want to take advantage of the tracking element and a few basic features. To learn more about the difference between our BASIC and PRO modes, or more about GPS fleet tracking in general please contact us.

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Choosing GPS Fleet Tracking

5 Things to Look For When Choosing GPS Fleet Tracking

What to Look For When Choosing GPS Fleet Tracking

  1. Beware of Extra Hidden CostsMake sure the price you are quoted is the price you pay. Some companies will charge you for installation and/or to remove the units at the end of your contract. Another common hidden cost is roaming; companies will charge you roaming fees if your vehicles go out of the country.
  2. Ease of UseThere are a ton of powerful GPS fleet tracking options out there in today’s market that offer amazing features. Unfortunately, many can also be difficult to understand and take a while to get the hang of. It is extremely important you know how to operate the software as quickly as possible to not waste any of your valuable time.
  3. Ensure The System Works Even When You Aren’t at Your ComputerThis is critical when choosing GPS fleet tracking. Many people do not have the time to monitor their fleet 24/7; it is important your GPS tracking system has the ability to send real time alerts and reports without having to be logged into the system. Some people may not have time to login to the software everyday and it takes much less time to check a quick email with a simple report displaying information like fuel usage, idling, and time card reports.
  4. Live Support and TrainingWhen you make the decision to purchase GPS fleet tracking software for your company not only are you buying a product and service, you are also creating a relationship. A GPS Unit simply installed in one of your vehicles will not be very useful to you; the units reach their full potential when you fully understand the software they come with. In order to understand the ins and outs of the software and all the different reporting capabilities, live support and training is a necessity. It is important to have on-going training available to you when and where you need it.
  5. The Necessary Features to Create ROI Some systems may look great at first but when diving into the software they may actually be relatively useless; many systems lack the necessary features to ensure adding money to your bottom line. Some examples of these features include various alerts (eg. idling and harsh driving), geo-fences, dispatching capabilities and fuel usage reports.

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Benefits of Fleet Maintenance Tracking

Fleet Maintenance Tracking Will Save You Money

Fleet Maintenance Tracking has helped many companies keep track of fuel usage, improve driver efficiency and track maintenance. When it comes to running a business, it doesn’t matter how small or large it may be, reducing costs whenever possible is the only way to ensure an increasingly profitable bottom line. Every business has its own methods and measures in place to help them to save money and one very effective method is with the use of Fleet Maintenance Tracking system. Most businesses that install such measures quickly realize the benefits, many of which are financial.

Driver Efficiency

Fleet maintenance tracking gives you real time data relating to the location of the vehicle, which means you can ensure that they have stayed on route and are taking the most direct route possible. In the short-term this means that more destinations can be reached and in the long-term more productivity means more profit.

Fuel Usage


Recorded data also relates to the use of fuel and whether or not it is being used efficiently. Drivers are told when they are driving at the most fuel-efficient speeds and also track the length of time that the engine is left idle.

Vehicle Maintenance with Fleet Maintenance Tracking

Engine diagnostics means that drivers know quickly whenever there is an issue arising and therefore vehicle maintenance is made easier and the risk of hazards and problems is reduced.

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