ZenBeacon Cellular Asset Tracking Tags for Integrated Inventory Management

Cellular Mobile IoT Trackers

Utilizing the latest in cellular technology, the ZenBeacon Cellular beacons track, monitor, and manage a wide variety of mobile and fixed assets in different environmental conditions.


Designed specifically for low-bandwidth IoT applications—easy to deploy and at a fraction of the cost of full-feature cellular.

Low Power Consumption

Low Power Consumption

Up to 10 years of battery life based on data requirements.

Prevent Downtime

Prevent Downtime

Use continuous performance data to predict delays, maintenance and improve reliability

Pelham Family Estate Winery leveraged ZenBeacons to record precise weather conditions in mico climates of their vineyard.

Optimize Inventory Management

Keep track of all assets no matter where they are while monitoring the temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, battery power level, light exposure & motion or impact.
Optimize your Inventory
Optimize Inventory Management
Cold Chain Monitoring

Cold Chain Monitoring

Monitor temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals in transit or cold storage. External sensors can be added to existing board to detect leakage or flooding.
Monitor your Cold Chain Operations

Facility Management

Better manage your facility assets by easily locating equipment, tools, and personnel on your smartphone or tablet. Manage controlled temperature environments where necessary.
Manage your Assets
Facility Management

How it works?

Here’s how you can streamline your Cold Chain Management Process.

Load 01 - Load

Shipment is confirmed. Truck is loaded and ready to start the trip.

Track 02 - Track

Tracker pings location and other data like temperature and humidity at regular intervals. Real-time Analytics solutions can be used to catch any anomaly as soon it happens.

Go 03 - Go

Upon delivery at the customer location, data can be compiled and certified that the product is safe to use.

Technical Features


Ambient Measurements

Get measurements like Impact, Temperature, Light Exposure and Proximity.

Low Power Usage

Cellular beacons are powered by two long-life ACC batteries designed to report their sensor data, and approximate location via low power wide area networks.

Long Battery Life

Since the beacons draw very low power, it ensures a long battery life to track, monitor, and manage assets.


Geotab Integration

It is directly embedded in MyGeotab, allowing users to conveniently track and manage all aspects of their operation from a single consolidated portal.

IOX-Bluetooth Add-On

IOX-Bluetooth can be used as a scanner for any third-party beacons with a public MAC address that are in range. This allows you to track and identify the last known location of equipment that are fitted with beacons.


The application communicates to the ZenBeacons through the Bluetooth connection on Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, and BLE. Shows the location of smartphones and tablets along with the location of Beacons.