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Man Down System

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Oil & Gas Safety | The Importance of Training, Wireless Gas Detection and Disaster Recovery Planning

Are all gas leaks dangerous? According to Nicholas Kawa, only some leaks are dangerous. Kawa worked as a gas leak investigator. During his job, Kawa was surprised to find out that gas leaks were everywhere and not all leaks were...

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Safety Monitoring System: The Man Down System Protects Your Lone Workers

Man Down Safety Monitoring System Protects Your Lone Workers GoFleet’s Man Down System is a safety monitoring system that is designed to protect lone employees who work in hazardous occupations. It is an automatic two way radio device that provides...

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Benefits of Using a Man Down System

Man Down System Benefits Emergencies often occur all of a sudden. If you own a business, you surely need to ensure protection and safety of your employees. This becomes more important if your employees have to stay outdoors for longs...

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