Sales 101: How to Sell Farmer GPS Tracking

Is it possible to sell farmer GPS tracking? For a long time, I didn’t believe that anyone can sell farmer GPS tracking. Here’s a sales story.

One of my earliest job duties was cold calling companies. Often, I was the first point of contact between customers and GoFleet. I became good at connecting to people from different industries. However, farming was not one of them!

I got rejected time and time again whenever I tried calling farms. I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing wrong. Usually I would hear, “We’re not interested because all of our equipment is close to the farm so we know everyone is”.

For a while, I gave up on calling farms. Then, over the past year, a lot of farms started contacting us to get more info. I realized that farmer GPS tracking was indeed in demand!

So what was I doing wrong? After talking to farmers and understanding their needs, I realized that I wasn’t educating farms on the correct topics.

The secret to selling farmer GPS tracking is to educate farms on the correct topics, including:


While it’s true that farmers don’t drive their vehicles very far, thieves will!

One of the unfortunate farming challenges is protecting equipment from theft. Recently in the news, a farmer caught another farmer for stealing their equipment. How? The farmer found their equipment on the thief’s farm.

Even though the victim got money from lawsuit claims, it would have been nicer to recover the equipment right after it’s stolen! Farmers lose much more money from losing productivity and replacing vehicles.

In summary, GPS tracking for tractors should not be about tracking worker location. Instead, it should be focused on protecting equipment from theft.


Farmers are also using GPS to increase productivity. What are traditional versus modern ways to improve crop yield?

The traditional way of planning crop yield is using historical data. Farmers keep and use data on where to plant crops, when to plant crops, and how to take care of each crop.

While historical data provides a good start, it has some shortfalls. Most notably, farming depends on real time conditions. What’s the weather today? How are soil conditions? What crops are selling on the market? All of these questions affect crop yield.

For that reason, farmers now use “precision farming”. Precision farming means that farms use sensors and GPS mapping to take care of their crops. First, farms use sensors to collect real time data on soil, climate, and plant conditions. Then, farmers use GPS mapping to get to precise locations.

As a result, farmers are buying high on precision farming. It’s a great tool to save time and get a higher crop yield!


Another big part of equipment management is tracking maintenance. According to studies, keeping a regular maintenance schedule reduces repair costs by 25%

One of the best ways to realize those 25% savings is to change your oil. Andy Overbay of the Virgina Cooperation Extention explains. He says that diesel fuel creates acidic build up, which damages equipment parts.

In order to avoid costly repairs, Overbay recommends tracking oil changes. Although farmers find it tedious to update oil change schedules, fleet tracking programs simplifies the work by auto-creating work schedules.

Take a look at a case study of farmer GPS tracking here!

CBC: Iain Stables given conditional sentence for stealing $1.2M in farm equipment
Scientific American: Precision Farming Increases Crop Yields Don’t Overlook Farm Equipment Maintenance.

How Truck Tracking Improves Business for Towing Companies

Truck Tracking Improves Towing Businesses

The tow truck service has seen significant improvement ever since its invention in the early 1900’s. More vehicles are being serviced all over the country when they break down. The number of drivers and trucks has also increased over the years pushing the need to have better fleet management. In any industry, the quality of service is what sustains the growth of a company. Unfortunately, most tow truck companies have suffered negative reputation with most drivers doubting the competence of tow truck drivers as well as their general response to crisis. This can be changed with implementing the advanced technological solution of a truck tracking system.

Benefits of truck tracking for towing companies

Business for these companies is bound to improve by using truck tracking technology because drivers will have more faith and will not think twice about calling for their services. The benefits of truck tracking services to drivers include reduced wait times because the systems boost fast dispatch unlike before. You do not have to be stuck on the road for hours waiting for action, your fleet manager can advise you where to go. There is also the advantage of better communication between the company and the drivers. The better identity system enabled by tow truck tracking services help protect motorists against fraudulent persons waiting for desperate calls to make quick cash. With any business customer satisfaction guarantees success and no benefit should be viewed as small.

Apart from providing excellent services, tow truck businesses also gain the advantage of making more profits through truck tracking. There is less down time due to better management of all your trucks. You will be able to monitor how your assets are being utilized to avoid losses from unnecessary errands. Improved communication with drivers helps optimize routes, dispatch, work orders and Garmin integration allows for safe quick responses back to the dispatcher. A GPS for tow truck is a necessary requirement for any tow truck company.

To learn more about how GoFleet’s truck tracking can help your towing business contact one of our fleet consultants today.


Majority of this article was written by guest author Kimberly Byrne.

GPS Fleet Monitoring: Benefits Tow Truck Companies

Tow Truck Companies Benefit From GoFleet’s GPS Fleet Monitoring

When you are in the towing business, it is crucial that you stay on top of the upcoming jobs using GoFleet’s GPS fleet monitoring GPS fleet monitoring. You need to make sure your drivers are at the job site in a timely manner to ensure your business runs efficiently. This translates into more business.

Many customers assume when they call a tow truck company that they will be stuck waiting for service for an indefinite amount of time. When you use GoFleet’s GPS fleet monitoring, you will be able to change all of that for them. You will be able to dispatch the closest tow truck to the driver’s location using the fastest and shortest route.

You will also be able to provide your customers with a short service window and an accurate estimated time of arrival. If you have a tow truck close by your customer’s vehicle, you will be able to tell your customer “Your tow truck driver will arrive within 10 minutes.” Your customers will be blown away by the level of customer service they receive when they call your tow truck company. Word of this type of high quality service travels fast. You will have many more customers before you know it. Furthermore, the improved customer satisfaction will help you retain more clients and develop loyal long-term relationships.

In the towing business, it is not just about towing a car, fixing a flat tire, charging a battery or recovering a car. This business relies on prompt service, location accuracy and route flexibility. Many of your customers are calling you for service because they are stuck on the side of the road or in an unknown location. These circumstances can be dangerous. Your customers are relying on you to come to their aid as fast as possible and get them back on the road safely.

GoFleet’s GPS fleet monitoring can raise your tow truck company’s game by ensuring fast response times and more efficient route planning. This can mean huge fuel savings, improved customer services and high productivity.

Truck Tracking GPS Reduces Vehicle Breakdowns

Reduce Vehicle Breakdowns With GoFleet’s Truck Tracking GPS

All fleet managers dread the call from their drivers saying “My truck just broke down. I am not going to make it to my next job site”. There is one easy way to reduce the chance of your company vehicles breaking down; implement a truck tracking GPS system in your fleet.

When a company truck breaks down, the cost to the business is more than a simple auto mechanic bill. The actual cost includes lost driver productivity, lost vehicle productivity, upset customers, possible overtime pay for the driver with the disabled vehicle and much more.

The best way to avoid your company trucks breaking down is to make sure your vehicles are properly maintained. The tricky part is keeping track of each truck’s maintenance needs. When you have an entire fleet, this job can be extremely tedious and almost impossible without a truck tracking GPS system in your fleet.

A GoFleet truck tracking GPS system has extensive maintenance tools that allow you to manage all your fleet’s maintenance needs conveniently in one place. The system lets you setup maintenance alerts for each vehicle to remind you that it is due for routine maintenance. These alerts can be set based on mileage, calendar dates or engine on-time, depending on the specific service needed. You can receive alerts via SMS text message, email or in your GoFleet fleet management system.

The truck tracking GPS system also keeps a record of all vehicle services that were completed. It also records all mileage reports. Together fleet managers are able to easily comply with any state requirements regarding vehicle maintenance.

If a truck does break down, the GoFleet truck tracking GPS minimizes the amount of time the vehicle is broken down on the road. Fleet managers will know exactly where the vehicle is so they can quickly route the repair person to its location.

With GoFleet’s truck tracking GPS, you can rest assured that your company trucks are properly maintained, reduce the chance of accidents and increase the safety of your drivers. When you consider all of the benefits of GPS fleet tracking (such as increased productivity, increased fuel efficiency, reduced operating costs, higher security, etc.), implementing GoFleet truck GPS system is a smart business decision.

Truck Tracking Device: The Ultimate GPS Tow Truck Solution

Tow Truck Companies Benefit From Using A Truck Tracking Device

When you own a tow truck company, it is paramount that you know where your tow trucks are at all times. That is why a GoFleet truck tracking device is the perfect solution for you.

You will be able to come to the aid of you customers faster and get them back on the road without delay. They will not be stuck on the side of the road waiting for hours for help with a flat tire, dead battery, or with a car that was just in an accident. Your customers are often in a dangerous situation and they are relying on your tow truck company to help them. With a tow truck GPS tracker, you will be able to send the closest driver to the site. They will not have to wait for a tow truck in another county when there is a driver only minutes away. In addition, the fleet management software will provide the most efficient route.

Can You Track a Tow Truck?

A truck tracking device is the ultimate fleet management tool. You will be able to ensure your tow truck operators drive directly to the job site without making any unauthorized stops. There will be no more worrying about the operator stopping to help other people who are not your customers, just to make some extra cash on the side. This not only takes up time, it causes a delay to your paying customers and takes money right out of your pocket. With a GPS truck tracking device installed in the tow truck, if the driver has time to help other cars on the road, he will have to call it in to your company.

When your tow truck company uses a truck tracking device, you will be able to hold your drivers accountable. Their job involves driving all day long in a truck with your company logo displayed on it. Their driving behavior is a reflection of your company. That is why it is imperative that you receive alerts if they are driving aggressively or speeding. For example, if your driver is speeding, you will get an alert immediately giving you the opportunity to contact your driver to have him correct his driving habits. You can also set up audible alerts for your drivers that will make a beeping sounds in the car with them whenever they break a rule you set. For example, you can set and idling rule of 2 minutes. Every time a driver idles their vehicle for over two minutes the device will beep alerting them to turn off the vehicle, saving you money on fuel. Monitoring your drivers also empowers them; they will be able to show you that they are doing everything right.

When your tow truck company performs well, everybody wins including you, your customers and your employees. It is time to make your company more efficient with a GoFleet truck tracking device system in your tow truck fleet. Contact a fleet consultant today for more information.