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What is an Asset Tracking System?

The internet has connected people and businesses in ways that were once unthinkable, leading to new opportunities for businesses of all sizes. One such opportunity is the power of an asset tracking system. Asset tracking gives businesses powerful oversight and...

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5 Ways Fleet Management Can Improve Businesses

Over the last few years, there has been a massive shift in purchasing patterns and retail consumption. From small families to large corporations, consumers are increasingly opting for online transactions over traditional brick-and-mortar destination shopping. Due to this shift, many...

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5 Ways That Telematics Boosts Fleet Safety

According to, driving heavy vehicles is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, accounting for over a quarter of all work-related deaths in 2015. From long hours and isolation to fatigue and poor judgment, there are so...

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Road Accidents: 7 Statistics You Shouldn't Ignore

Fleet managers can’t create a culture of safety within their organization without first acknowledging the role that road accidents plays in their day-to-day operations. There is an alarming increase of late in road accidents; on average, collisions cost fleet companies...

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Fleet Maintenance Can Extend the Life of Your Vehicles

Fleet vehicles are critical assets and represent a massive investment to your organization. For these reasons, it's essential to make sure they're taken care of in the short and long-term with proper fleet maintenance to keep operations running smoothly.  In...

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The Top 5 Fleet Manager Concerns

Virtually every fleet manager worries about the same things: compliance, asset management and the company’s bottom line. Scratch the surface, however, and there are even more universal concerns. With so much responsibility and so many variables at play, today's fleet...

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Maximizing Effective Fleet Maintenance

It's no secret that fleet maintenance is essential to the operation of any fleet. It serves the pivotal function of addressing its overall state and is key to ensuring that vehicles are on the road and making money as much...

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6 Ways to Upgrade Your Fleet Maintenance Strategy

Frequently, commercial fleets tend to get stuck with maintenance inefficiencies, simply because it’s “easier” than trying something new. With an exponential increase in maintenance expenses paired with advances in fleet connectivity, now is the time to think about upgrading your...

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Fuel Economy for Fleets and Improved Productivity

Fuel is one of the most fluid factors - literally and figuratively - to determine the success of fleet management. Whether one considers price hikes or supply chain issues, fuel economy for fleets remains top of mind for all fleet...

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