How to Track Equipment: Construction, Hospitals, Warehouses

Tracking your Assets Locations


Companies understand that knowing where their assets are at all times is crucial. Whether this includes small tools or large equipment, keeping track of these assets helps companies prevent theft, loss, and damage. More so, ensuring a company’s assets are monitored can help save time and money- resulting in a more optimized, organized system. So how do you track equipment?


In recent years, beacons have been introduced to multiple industries for what appears to be a limitless amount of ways to utilize them to their full potential. Today we will be focusing on how some industries such as construction sites, hospitals, and warehouses have taken advantage of these beacons to track their equipment locations.




Bluetooth & Cellular Beacons – What’s the Difference?


Firstly, it is important to understand which companies would benefit from either Bluetooth or Cellular beacons. Simply put, Bluetooth beacons are a good option for companies who want to track their equipment in close proximity (a warehouse for example). Bluetooth beacons have limitations when it comes to their connectivity over long distances as they are limited to a specific range, but their advantage is that they are typically more cost-effective.


Cellular beacons, on the other hand, have more capabilities in terms of tracking equipment which are traveling longer distances, they also do not require mobile gateways and mobile apps to work unlike Bluetooth powered beacons.



Problem VS Solution


Losing equipment due to poor inventory management? Beacons help manage your inventory efficiently while saving you money. Arrived at a site only to find that equipment was forgotten? Beacons help ensure the equipment you require is in the vehicle before you leave.


how to track equipment


Not only that, but they also have embedded sensors that can measure things like impact, battery life, temperature, light exposure, and proximity. These beacons can be attached to equipment, tools, controlled temperature environments, and personnel to track climate management, equipment inventory, parts inventory, and personnel tracking.



Equipment Tracking for Hospitals


how to track equipment - hospital


Beacons have become a popular choice for hospitals because they help paramedics focus on saving lives instead of worrying about tracking their assets and emergency vehicles. They do this by helping paramedics know the location of stretchers, defibrillators, heart monitors and other important equipment.


By using the beacons, paramedics are able to receive immediate notifications for forgotten, lost or misplaced equipment while helping to uncover them by knowing who used them last and where. It is important for hospitals to track medical equipment and their usage with beacons as they streamline the maintenance of the equipment while saving money by eliminating loss and theft.



Equipment Tracking for Construction Companies


how to track equipment - construction


Construction companies are another popular industry that uses beacons regularly as they have multiple assets to monitor at construction sites – mainly large equipment. Because beacons can have waterproof enclosures and a range of 250 meters, they are a popular choice for construction companies to invest in, in order to monitor their small to heavy equipment.


Further, a permanent gateway for 24/7 inventory management can be installed. This way, when inventory leaves facilities it can be tracked along with the vehicle that transported the goods by tracking vehicles as they enter and leave a property or designated area. Upon arrival, the arrival time and location can be confirmed. Beacons also help construction companies save money by accurately costing jobs, reducing labor costs and overtime while improving worksite compliance.



Equipment Tracking for Warehouses


how to track equipment - warehouse


Warehouses keep track of endless kinds of goods, so they need a way to monitor different aspects in order to ensure the goods arrive at their final destination on time and in great shape. With the use of beacons, warehouses can receive real-time information on location, temperature, impact and light exposure as previously mentioned. These sensory additions to the beacons are crucial for sensitive goods.


Beacons provide the ability to track pallets in real time, confirm deliveries, and receive alerts when pallets enter or exit customer locations. With so many ways to optimize warehouse operations, beacons ultimately help to reduce labor costs as well as overtime in warehouse industries.


Knowing the benefits of beacons and how they can help improve operations in different industries can help optimize almost any business. Applying devices that help to monitor assets in more ways than just location is just the beginning; with the world of technology constantly evolving we are so excited to see where we go from here!



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FAQs – Asset Tracking Services

Top 3 EMS Fleet Tracking Needs

Over the past few months, superheros are re-emerging! For instance, we had several debates at GoFleet on which recent superhero movie was the best. Was it Wonder Woman? Or maybe Black Panther or Avengers? However, there’s one thing we all agree on: some of GoFleet’s biggest superheros are our EMS clients. Let’s take a look at how we helped our superheroes with EMS fleet tracking.

Top 3 EMS Needs

EMS fleet tracking

I recently studied our EMS clients and compiled a list of common needs. What were the 3 most common needs? They include:

1. Live EMS Fleet Tracking

2. Driver Habits

3. Workform Management

In this post, we will cover all of these needs.

1) Live EMS Fleet Tracking

Challenge: Meeting strict response rates.

By far, live EMS fleet tracking is the #1 EMS request. And this makes sense! Quick responses to emergencies strongly affects medical success.

To illustrate the importance of response rates, take a look at a EMS compliance report. A Manitoba hospital grades EMS teams by measuring how quickly they respond to each job. For instance, for Priority 1 to 3 jobs, teams need to arrive within 7 minutes if they are in the area.

“Real time response needs real time data,” said a EMS manager. “I simply cannot afford non-real time tracking because I might choose the wrong crew and waste valuable minutes.”

Solution: Live tracking and routing

Live tracking

live ems tracking

In order to meet strict timeframes, EMS fleets use active live tracking. Active live tracking expands on 15 second GPS lag-times by using a predictive algorithm. In other words, the software predicts the next 15 seconds by using a formula from existing data. As a result, EMS users are able to follow live animated vehicle icons.


After finding a driver, the next challenge is planning the quickest route. EMS teams would then look at route optimization. Route optimization is a two-step process. Firstly, the program chooses the closest available driver. Secondly, the program calculates and shares driver’s optimal route.

2) Driving Habits

Challenge: Safety first!

Another EMS challenge is balancing quickness with safety. “A lot of our passengers are vulnerable,” said an EMS dispatcher. “We might be carrying injured people or children and seniors. Drivers need to be mindful of safety and prevent further injuries to our patients.”

Ignoring safety can lead to severe consequences. Recently, an ambulance was carrying a pregnant woman and rear-ended a vehicle. That caused the baby to be born prematurely, but thankfully, both the mother and the baby survived. However, as a result of the crash, a $117-million lawsuit was filed against the EMS.

Solution: Driver monitoring and driver coaching

Driver monitors

Two common driver monitors include vehicle trackers and cameras. Both of these devices capture driving events such as speeding, harsh braking, and harsh acceleration. Managers then review reports or footages to train drivers and promote safety.

In-cab coaching

In-cab coaching focuses on prevention rather than detection. For instance, some EMS equip their vehicles with GoTalk. GoTalk is an in-vehicle coaching device and audibly alerts drivers when they speed, harshly accelerate or harsly brake.

3) Workforms Management

Challenge: Tightening teamwork

Thirdly, EMS are always looking for ways to improve communication and teamwork. After all, EMS success requires teamwork! After dispatching an ambulance and picking up a patient, another team at the hospital takes care of the patients!

“Hospital staff find it very helpful when they receive more information,” said an EMS manager. “What are a patient’s symptoms? What tools do we need to help the patients?”

Solution: Mobile communication

ems digital work forms

Some EMS teams use mobile apps alongside EMS fleet tracking. Mobile apps are a great way to share patient notes. For example, some teams take pictures of patients or share notes of their symptoms. As a result, hospital staff can prepare for patients before they arrive at the hospital.

Government of Manitoba: Response Compliance Report
EMS1: $117M crash lawsuit: A dose of reality

How Truck Tracking Improves Business for Towing Companies

Truck Tracking Improves Towing Businesses

The tow truck service has seen significant improvement ever since its invention in the early 1900’s. More vehicles are being serviced all over the country when they break down. The number of drivers and trucks has also increased over the years pushing the need to have better fleet management. In any industry, the quality of service is what sustains the growth of a company. Unfortunately, most tow truck companies have suffered negative reputation with most drivers doubting the competence of tow truck drivers as well as their general response to crisis. This can be changed with implementing the advanced technological solution of a truck tracking system.

Benefits of truck tracking for towing companies

Business for these companies is bound to improve by using truck tracking technology because drivers will have more faith and will not think twice about calling for their services. The benefits of truck tracking services to drivers include reduced wait times because the systems boost fast dispatch unlike before. You do not have to be stuck on the road for hours waiting for action, your fleet manager can advise you where to go. There is also the advantage of better communication between the company and the drivers. The better identity system enabled by tow truck tracking services help protect motorists against fraudulent persons waiting for desperate calls to make quick cash. With any business customer satisfaction guarantees success and no benefit should be viewed as small.

Apart from providing excellent services, tow truck businesses also gain the advantage of making more profits through truck tracking. There is less down time due to better management of all your trucks. You will be able to monitor how your assets are being utilized to avoid losses from unnecessary errands. Improved communication with drivers helps optimize routes, dispatch, work orders and Garmin integration allows for safe quick responses back to the dispatcher. A GPS for tow truck is a necessary requirement for any tow truck company.

To learn more about how GoFleet’s truck tracking can help your towing business contact one of our fleet consultants today.


Majority of this article was written by guest author Kimberly Byrne.

Why Is Snow Plow Tracking Essential for Winter Maintenance

Snow Plow Tracking: An Essential Winter Maintenance Tool

It’s that time of year again, the weather is getting colder and it’s beginning to snow regularly. The snow plows, if they haven’t already, will soon be out in full force. You may already have GPS fleet tracking on your company vehicles but now it’s time to make sure you have snow plow tracking to keep track of all of your snow plows.

As a maintenance manager, fleet manager or dispatcher at a business specializing in snow removal and winter maintenance, you already know you have to keep costs down wherever possible; winter is the perfect time to invest in GoFleet’s snow plow tracking system to help you improve efficiency and productivity while decreasing costs. It will help you increase your bottom line and your company’s longevity to ensure success. With GoFleet, you will see a return on investment in no time.

Benefits of Snow Plow Tracking

When you use GoFleet’s snow plow tracking, your winter maintenance and snow removal business will receive many benefits including:

  • Real-time snow plow vehicle locations
  • Time spent at job sites
  • Efficient route planning
  • Improved dispatching
  • Alerts when vehicles arrive and leave job sites
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Reduced idling times
  • Accurate time cards
  • Locate stolen or lost assets
  • Monitor vehicle usage after hours
  • Preventative maintenance reminders
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Accurate estimated arrival times

GoFleet’s snow plow tracking provides many benefits that will increase your overall productivity, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Snow plow tracking helps you determine if too much or not enough time is spent at a job site. You will know the location of your vehicles at all times and be able to ensure all jobs have been completed on time. The easy to use fleet management software will let you view all of the information necessary to improve your service in one easy to use platform. Once you implement snow plow tracking, you will immediately see why it is essential for your winter maintenance business.

For more information about GoFleet’s snow plow tracking and how it can be used to improve your winter maintenance business, Contact Us today.

Pizza Delivery Software Keeps Customers Happy with Hot Pizza

Pizza Delivery Software Keeps Customers Happy with Hot Pizza

Keep Customers Happy With Hot Pizzas Using Pizza Delivery Software

Pizza delivery companies are using pizza delivery software to keep their customers happy; the software helps them to deliver pizza quickly to ensure the food is as fresh and hot as possible.

Boston Pizza, one of Canada’s largest casual Italian dining restaurants, knew there had to be a better way to manage food deliveries. The franchise owner, Jim Mercier, wanted to ensure his customers always received the ultimate freshness. His interest for a pizza delivery software was sparked. After shopping around, Jim tested out some different fleet management systems but he was unable to find one that met his needs, until he found GoFleet.

Jim was looking for a pizza delivery software that was simple to install and easy to manage; he did not want a complicated installation or confusing software. He was also looking for software that could improve safety as there were often concerns about their drivers speeding. GoFleet’s pizza delivery software was the perfect fleet management system for his business.

Easy To Install And Use

GoFleet’s pizza delivery software is easy for pizza delivery companies to install on their own. Companies can avoid costly installation fees or hardwiring issues that could damage the vehicles. Jim from Boston Pizza stated: “Installation could not have been any easier…even the most technically challenged individual could do it.”

Deliver Hot & Fresh Pizza

The main objectives of pizza delivery software is to streamline deliveries and to ensure the freshness of the food for the customers. The software can be installed on a computer or mobile device near the delivery computer. That way the order taker can view the deliveries placed by the customers and the delivery vehicle locations simultaneously. This will ensure the food is not sitting around for a long period of time waiting for a delivery driver to pick it up.

Using pizza delivery software and developing a system to make sure each order is fresh out of the oven when the delivery driver is ready to make the next delivery are the keys to keeping your customers happy and delivering hot food every time. When talking about GoFleet’s pizza delivery software, Jim said “If you spend a day on our delivery line using this system, you would have it in your restaurant tomorrow.”

For more information about GoFleet’s pizza delivery software, Contact Us.

Ambulance GPS Tracking Increases Response Time

Increase Response Time With Ambulance GPS Tracking

For emergency calls, one minute might mean the difference between life and death. That means each minute between the emergency call and the time the ambulance arrives on the scene is critical. The dispatchers must determine the closest ambulance to a location and send it out immediately. With ambulance GPS tracking, dispatchers will not have to guess which vehicle is the closest anymore. The ambulance GPS tracking software will quickly provide the closest ambulance to the emergency location so not even a moment of vital time is wasted.

With ambulance tracker, the paramedics will not have to rely on their memory to figure out the fastest route to the emergency site. The ambulance GPS tracking device will find it for them. The GPS will determine the fastest and most efficient route to the emergency so the paramedics only have to focus on getting there. This also prevents the paramedics from getting lost on the way to an emergency. Turn-by-turn directions will get them to the emergency quickly, even when it is in a remote location.

GoFleet’s ambulance GPS tracking systems monitors the ambulance drivers and keeps track of their locations. With a 3 second refresh rate, response time is cut down and more lives can be saved. The GoFleet system also has the ability to monitor when ambulance sirens go on and off. Dispatchers are able to monitor the ambulances in real-time and when an emergency call comes in, it only takes a second for the ambulance GPS tracking system to locate the closest vehicle. With siren monitoring, dispatchers can tell which ambulances are in-route to an emergency and which ambulances are available.

Reducing the emergency response time is critical to saving lives. When the ambulance is equipped with an ambulance GPS tracking device, dispatchers can locate vehicles faster so they can arrive on scene within minutes.

For more information about ambulance GPS tracking, Contact Us.

Make Customers Even Happier With Taxi Fleet Management

Taxi Fleet Management Makes Customers Even Happier

Many taxi cab companies are discovering the use of taxi fleet management not only reduces costs and improves taxi management, it makes their customers even happier. Fleet managers get a better insight into their drivers’ behavior while they are on the road allowing them to better manage their fleet. Improved routing and dispatching improves efficiency and GPS taxi cab location information solves customer disputes ultimately improving the service they provide to their customers.

When Bell City Cabs implemented GoFleet’s taxi fleet management system, they reduced fuel costs, saved on vehicle maintenance and improved customer service within the first month. The taxi management software is used to keep their customers happy and increases their repeat business.

Improved Driver Behavior

With taxi fleet management, fleet managers can improve their drivers’ behavior. Customized reports and alerts can be set up to inform managers when their drivers speed, drive aggressively, drive out of the authorized area, and idle excessively. It is important for taxi cab companies to monitor their drivers because they need to ensure their customers are having a safe ride to their destination. Customers appreciate knowing when they call your company they will feel safe during their travel.

Efficient Routing And Dispatching

Taxi dispatch system provides more efficient routing and dispatching. Taxi cab companies can provide their customers with an accurate estimated time of arrival. In addition, dispatchers can send the closest taxi to the customer. This improved routing and dispatching makes customers happy because they will not be stuck waiting for the taxi cab for a long time. Once they call your taxi cab company, they can rest easy knowing the taxi cab will be there to pick them up shortly.

Quick Customer Dispute Resolution

GPS taxi location information from taxi fleet management allows fleet managers to quickly resolve any customer disputes. If a customer calls in with a compliant that they were charged too much, the fleet manager can easily determine the length and time of the trip. Using this information, they can determine if the customer was in fact overcharged. The taxi fleet management system can also be used to resolve customer disputes regarding routing, arrival times, pick up and drop off locations. Having a reliable taxi cab history available at the fleet manager’s fingertips will make customers happy because disputes can be resolved quickly.

Taxi cab companies are finding the best way to grow their business is to utilize a taxi fleet management system to make their customers happy. Improving your driver’s behaviors, efficient routing and dispatching and quick customer dispute resolutions will keep your customers happy and increase your repeat business. Also, new customers will be attracted to your taxi cab company when they hear about the great service you provide.

For more information about how GoFleet’s taxi fleet management can make your customer’s happy, Contact Us.

Vehicle Fleet Management Software: Forestry Industry

Using Vehicle Fleet Management Software Benefits Companies In The Forestry Industry

The forestry industry produces over $200 billion in sales each year in the United States alone. Companies in this industry have many trucks and heavy equipment to produce forest products. These companies can benefit greatly from GoFleet’s vehicle fleet management software.

Reduced Operating Expenses

Companies in the forestry industry can reduce many unnecessary overhead costs by eliminating unnecessary overtime, unauthorized vehicle usage, excessive fuel consumption and discrepancies with billing.

Maximize Labor Costs

With GoFleet’s vehicle fleet management software, you can increase efficiency and employee productivity with improved routing, reduced downtime, prevented dispatch inaccuracy and reduced tardiness.

Efficient Routing

Automated efficient route planning provides predictable schedules allowing you to reduce costs, reduce fuel consumption, increase driver productivity and stay competitive.

User Friendly Dashboard

GoFleet’s vehicle fleet management software has a user friendly dashboard that is extremely easy to use. The data can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Customized reports and alerts can be set up based on your individual business needs.

Improve Driver Safety

Vehicle fleet management software allows you to closely monitor your drivers’ behaviors even when they are away from the office. You can set up customized alerts to be notified if your drivers are speeding, driving aggressively, breaking hard, accelerating fast or idling excessively. This gives you the opportunity to contact the driver immediately to correct the behavior.

Asset Location

When you use GoFleet’s vehicle fleet management software, you will always know where all of your assets are. You will not have to waste valuable time calling your drivers to find out their location or waiting for them to check in.

Maximize Vehicle Usage

Eliminate authorized use of vehicles and excessive idling to get the most from your fleet. Making sure your vehicles are only used on the job will increase their useful life.

For more information about how GoFleet can help your business’ fleet operations, Contact Us.

Electronic Tracking Devices Benefit Maintenance Companies

Maintenance Companies Find Benefits From Electronic Tracking Devices

Maintenance companies find many benefits from using GoFleet’s electronic tracking devices including fuel savings, improved customer service and employee management.

Fuel Savings

Businesses with fleet operations usually have huge fuel costs to consider. Fuel is often the largest fleet expense for maintenance because they spend so much tome in the field. GoFleet’s electronic tracking devices improve route selection, reduce idling times, optimize dispatching and allow managers to reduce the fuel costs dramatically.

Improved Customer Service

When a maintenance company uses GoFleet’s electronic tracking device lets you quickly respond to all of your customers’ needs. Great customer service is a critical part of your long-term success. Since you know where all of your vehicles are located, you are able to reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to your customers. You can provide short service windows, accurate times of arrivals, improved customer dispute resolution and improved efficiency when you service your maintenance customers. Your drivers will arrive on time with efficient routings and you drivers will have a reduced chance of getting lost with turn-by-turn driving directions. In addition, your employee accountability will be improved.

Employee Management

GoFleet’s electronic tracking devices really help your fleet managers manage your drivers easily. Your fleet managers will know the location of your drivers all times. Time will no longer have to be wasted for your drivers to check in. In addition, fleet managers will be able to reduce speeding, improve driver safety and improve driver behaviors will accurate reports for each driver and convenient alerts. These alerts can be set up to be sent if your drivers speed, idle excessively, drive aggressively or deviate from the provided route. Furthermore, your fleet manager can use these tools to improve your fuel efficiency and reduce your liability because the chance of your vehicles being in an accident will be reduced.

For more information about how GoFleet’s electronic tracking devices can help your maintenance company, Contact Us.

Live GPS Tracking Device Used To Make HVAC Companies More Efficient

HVAC Companies Use Live GPS Tracking Device to Help Make Them More Efficient

Heating ventilation and air conditioning companies can use GoFleet’s live GPS tracking device to manage their trucks. If your workers are scattered all over the region tending to your clients, you need to keep track of your employees and equipment without having to add additional field managers.

GoFleet’s live GPS tracking device for HVAC tracking will allow you to know exactly when your employees arrive and depart the job site. It will also decrease your business expenses while it increases your bottom line.

Using GoFleet’s GPS tracking device for your HVAC company will reduce unauthorized use. When you know exactly where your equipment and trucks are located, you can eliminate any unauthorized use. You can set up as many alerts as you would like to let you know if your trucks are where they are supposed to be at a given time.

In addition to reducing unauthorized use of your equipment, using GoFleet’s live GPS tracking device will also help you save on fuel costs. There are real-time alerts that can be sent to you by email and/or SMS text message. You can be alerted if your vehicle is in an unauthorized area. You can also set up alerts to let you know if your drivers are speeding or excessively idling for climate control. Additionally, you will be able to provide your drivers with the fastest and most efficient route to get to their job sites.

When you use GoFleet’s live GPS tracking device, you will be able to keep your crew on schedule. Customers will receive better service because your drivers will arrive on time and you will be able to give them a realistic time of arrival. The efficiencies you will gain using GoFleet’s live GPS tracking device will help you obtain more clients and provide a faster service.