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Fuel Economy for Fleets and Improved Productivity

Fuel is one of the most fluid factors - literally and figuratively - to determine the success of fleet management. Whether one considers price hikes or supply chain issues, fuel economy for fleets remains top of mind for all fleet...

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Six Ways to Reduce Fleet Fuel Costs

Inflation, the COVID pandemic and the war in Ukraine have all contributed to an already exorbitant rise of fuel costs in North America. Fleet managers everywhere are looking for ways to reduce fleet fuel costs. In 2019 alone, fuel was...

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Fuel Management Systems: How to Get Ahead

Like it or not, fuel is the biggest expenditure for efficient fleet management. A custom fuel management system is the perfect solution to understand gas consumption within your fleet. Many fleet managers are incorporating fuel management systems into their daily...

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Fuel Card Integration Reduces Fuel Card Fraud

John’s company uses fuel cards. Fuel cards are convenient because employees like John can buy fuel with company money. However, more importantly for John, he occasionally uses his company card to buy fuel for his personal car. In other words,...

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Part 2: Common Useful Reports - Maintenance & Fuel Reports

One of our biggest client requests is creating reports. Reports are a useful fleet management tool because they provide snapshots for decision making. For instance, fleet managers use maintenance & fuel reports to minimize fleet downtime and fleet fuel expenses....

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Fuel Strategy Framework | Fuel Monitoring Systems for Trucks

The new year is always a good time for businesses to review their strategies! For fleets, one of these strategies might be the fuel strategy. Even in a new year, fleet managers are challenged to get more bang for fuel...

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Benefits of a Fuel Management System

In this post, let’s delve into the benefits of a fuel management system. We previously looked into who needs a fuel management system and how a fuel management system works. However, is there proof that fuel management systems can actually...

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How Does a Fuel Management System Work?

Welcome back to Fuel Management System 101 - in this post, we will answer the question "How does a fuel management system work?". Let’s start with a history lesson! History of Fuel Management Fuel management is the process of controlling...

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Do I Need a Fuel Management System?

Businesses with vehicles often ask, "Can I manage fuel all by myself or do I need a fuel management system?" On the business expense report, fuel accounts for 70% of variable cost. For that reason, fleet managers are paid big...

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