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The Science Behind Fleet GPS Tracking

Earlier this year, our partners at Geotab reached an important milestone! Geotab reached 1 million subscribers on its fleet GPS tracking network as of February 2018. 1 million subscribers is an important industry milestone because it shows the growth of...

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Tamper Proof GPS Tracker Alternatives

“Our GPS tracker just didn’t work,” said a disappointed business owner. “It never did what it was supposed to do because it turned off half of the time!” What was wrong with the GPS tracker? Well, it turned out that...

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Active Tracking: Keeping First Responders Safe on the Road

An ambulance drives through traffic, siren sounding and lights flashing. The dispatcher is on the line, collecting vital information, while monitoring the status of the ambulance at the same time. What if that dispatcher could follow the live movement of...

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Receive Real-Time Alerts & Monitor Driver Behaviour on the Go!

Real-Time Alerts Monitor Driver Behaviour on the Job GPS systems offer fleets an abundance of data for managers to better monitor their vehicles and engine diagnostics. To make the process even more accessible, GoFleet offers the ability to send events...

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Real Time GPS Fleet Tracking

Live Track Your Vehicles with Real Time GPS Fleet Tracking Real time GPS fleet tracking can be an important money-saving tool for any sized business. From the ability to reduce fleet idle times, improve driver behaviours and measure maintenance costs,...

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Live Tracking Can Help Your Company's Fleet Operations

Help Your Company's Fleet Operations with Live Tracking Using live tracking for your fleet will allow you to see where your vehicles are directly from your computer screen at any time of the day. In addition to instantly locating your...

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Best Real Time GPS Tracker Offers Many Fleet Benefits

Many Fleet Benefits Offered With Best Real Time GPS Tracker GoFleet’s best real time GPS tracker provides fleet managers with a better insight into their fleet drivers. Managers are able to become more efficient in the daily operations and start...

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GPS Technology: Helps Emergency Responders

Response Time Improved For Emergency Responders Using GPS Technology GPS technology is being used in the Ozark foothills to help emergency responders. Frank Wideman, a natural resource engineer at the University of Missouri, teaches the responders how to use GPS...

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Realtime GPS Tracker: Benefits Your Drivers

Drivers’ Benefit From GoFleet’s Realtime GPS Tracker When drivers first find out that their employer is going to implement a realtime GPS tracker system in the business fleet, they are usually not happy. This is only because they have not...

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