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All You Need to Know About Power Take-Off and Tax Refunds

Power take-off (PTO) is a crucial device used to transfer mechanical power from vehicle engines to other pieces of equipment. It is adopted in a wide range of industries and sectors, such as forestry, energy, winter operations, waste management and...

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Common IoT Frustrations After Implementing New Technology

When a business adopts a new technology or tries a new strategy, sometimes the change can provoke frustration. This is because some employees may struggle to see the value in the change or employees may prefer to complete work the...

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GPS Tracking for Small Businesses: What’s Different? What’s Important?

GPS tracking for small businesses can be very different than GPS tracking for larger companies. Why? Small businesses operate differently than larger companies. As a result, small business owners experience different challenges than larger companies. Small businesses vs. large companies...

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Telematics ROI: Small & Medium Business Case Studies

It's no secret small and medium sized businesses with fleets can benefit from telematics yet people often don't see where the ROI can come from when they only have a few vehicles. Let's take a look at two case studies...

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Reduce Costs Due to Accidents

Telematics has come a long way from simply just GPS tracking. One of the top reasons so many of our customers reached out to us for help, was to reduce accidents and increase safety within their fleet. Telematics is now...

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Time Theft: How it's Hurting Your Business

How is Time Theft Hurting Your Bottom Line? Do you ever stop and think that some of your drivers are padding their hours? If you do, you could be right. According to the American Payroll Association, the average employee steals...

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Fleet Management Solution For Your Small Fleet

Small Fleet Management Solution Productivity, Safety, Fleet Optimization, Compliance & Expandability make up the five pillar approach. This supports our ongoing innovation and assists businesses in making improvements in identified target areas. Each pillar offers a different way for businesses...

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8 Efficiency Increasing Tips for a Small Business Owner

Tips for a Small Business Owner to Increase Efficiency An efficient business owner is likely to automatically incorporate an efficiency culture in the team working with him or her. On the other hand, small businesses are often packed with efficiency...

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7 Tips for the Resourceful Small Business

Small Business: 7 Tips For The Resourceful Business For a small business to stay afloat in this economy, they must be resourceful. Since budgets are smaller, new ideas need to be as cost-effective as they are proactive. Businesses must take...

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