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Electronic Tracking Devices Benefit Maintenance Companies

Maintenance Companies Find Benefits From Electronic Tracking Devices

Maintenance companies find many benefits from using GoFleet’s electronic tracking devices including fuel savings, improved customer service and employee management.

Fuel Savings

Businesses with fleet operations usually have huge fuel costs to consider. Fuel is often the largest fleet expense for maintenance because they spend so much tome in the field. GoFleet’s electronic tracking devices improve route selection, reduce idling times, optimize dispatching and allow managers to reduce the fuel costs dramatically.

Improved Customer Service

When a maintenance company uses GoFleet’s electronic tracking device lets you quickly respond to all of your customers’ needs. Great customer service is a critical part of your long-term success. Since you know where all of your vehicles are located, you are able to reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to your customers. You can provide short service windows, accurate times of arrivals, improved customer dispute resolution and improved efficiency when you service your maintenance customers. Your drivers will arrive on time with efficient routings and you drivers will have a reduced chance of getting lost with turn-by-turn driving directions. In addition, your employee accountability will be improved.

Employee Management

GoFleet’s electronic tracking devices really help your fleet managers manage your drivers easily. Your fleet managers will know the location of your drivers all times. Time will no longer have to be wasted for your drivers to check in. In addition, fleet managers will be able to reduce speeding, improve driver safety and improve driver behaviors will accurate reports for each driver and convenient alerts. These alerts can be set up to be sent if your drivers speed, idle excessively, drive aggressively or deviate from the provided route. Furthermore, your fleet manager can use these tools to improve your fuel efficiency and reduce your liability because the chance of your vehicles being in an accident will be reduced.

For more information about how GoFleet’s electronic tracking devices can help your maintenance company, Contact Us.

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