GPS Tracking Systems For Vehicles: What Is It?

What Is GoFleet’s GPS Tracking Systems For Vehicles?

GoFleet’s GPS tracking systems for vehicles uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to track fleet vehicles for a business. A GPS device is installed in all of your vehicles to enable you to be able to track and monitor them. You can also get important information that can be used to better manage your drivers such as engine status, vehicle speed, excessive idling and fleet route.

Business owners, dispatchers and fleet managers use GoFleet’s GPS tracking systems data to expedite dispatching and improve routing. The data can also be used to monitor the drivers’ behavior, prevent theft, reduce fuel usage and provide operational efficiencies. Most business owners find that the benefits and savings are far greater than the affordable cost of implementing the system.

GoFleet’s GPS tracking systems for vehicles is a fleet management solution that goes beyond traditional GPS tracking. There is a wide variety of manager reports that are fully customizable. They give management the ability to measure how effective their fleet and drivers are in the field. There are many customized SMS text message or email alerts that can be set up to notify the business owner or fleet manger even when they are offline. Alerts can be set up to remind them of vehicle maintenance needs or for unwanted driver behavior issues such as driving outside of the authorized area, excessive idling, speeding or aggressive driving. These alerts can be used to encourage better driving habits and to reduce fuel consumption.

GoFleet’s GPS tracking systems for vehicles has gained a lot of popularity for fleet management and is becoming an essential business tool. Once business owners implement GPS tracking systems for vehicles, they will discover quickly how important this technology is to their long-term business success. To find out more information on how GoFleet can help improve your business, Contact Us.