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Fuel Management & Powerful Vehicle Diagnostics

Fuel Card Management
Remote Engine Diagnostics

Fleet Fuel Management That Drives Results
Your vehicle’s computer (ECM) is a powerful tool. By plugging directly into your ECM
our GPS fleet management devices identify fuel usage, fuel ups, faults, engine
temperature, odometer, PTO + more.

Effective Fleet & Fuel Management

Fuel Usage

Reduce fuel usage by 18% through better driver, maintenance, and fleet fuel management. GoFleet’s GPS technology tracks aggressive driving, fuel ups and maintenance of every vehicle in your fleet. Real-time data allows you to see idling fuel usage and gives you the tools to make decisions about the health of your vehicles and the behaviour of your drivers. Managing vehicle fuel economy helps you stay greener and save money at the same time.

Vehicle Diagnostics
Real-time Engine Monitoring

Diagnostics allows you to clearly see important vehicle data behind the scenes. Clearly see which vehicle fault is causing that poor fuel economy. Calculate Power Take Off duration for tax rebates or identify when that vehicle is running that onboard components. Get a real-time alert when the engine is overheating and prevent downtime.

Simply Easy To Use

Take the guess work out of fleet management with GPS fleet tracking. Easily manage maintenance reminders based on engine hours, odometer or period. Keep an eye on your maintenance history by vehicle and know when to retire that costly vehicle.


5 Killer, Industry Leading
Fuel & Diagnostics Features:

  • 1 See Fuel Theft With Fuel Up Reports
  • 2 Flag Fuel Loss Due To Behaviour/Maintenance
  • 3 Set Maintenance Reminders By Odometer, Engine Hours, Date
  • 4 Avoid Breakdowns With Diagnostic Fault & Status Alerts
  • 5 Powerful Diagnotic Data For Equipment, Heavy-Trucks, Vehicles

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