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Automated Fleet Routing Software Can Reduce Your Operating Costs

fleet routing software reduce operating costs

Reduce Your Operating Costs With Automated Fleet Routing Software

When you add-on automated fleet routing software to your GoFleet GPS tracking system, you will be able to track your performance and reduce operating costs. You will be able to deliver excellent customer service because you will receive automatic messages, visual notifications and operational reporting. Advanced tools can be used to help companies schedule more efficient routes, track fleet performance and analyze their fleet operations.

Automated Fleet Routing Software Features

There are many valuable features to using automated fleet routing software including:

  • Fleet Planning: The planning tool allows you to plan, optimize and analyze your fleet. You will also be able to plan your driver resources and fleet sizing requirements.
  • Intelligent Mapping: Automated fleet routing software provides you with intelligent mapping, automatic notifications and performance reporting.
  • Builds Detailed Routes: The software also builds routes for your business. It can build dynamic daily routes or fixed routes. It also has capabilities for multi-day, single day and one-way routes.
  • Customer Service Reporting: You will be able to provide superior customer service because you can track orders for your customers and provide customer service reporting.

Benefits Of Automated Fleet Routing Software

  • Reduces Operating Costs: Better route planning and driver dispatching will lower your operating costs. You will be able to generate a return on investment in a matter of months instead of waiting years.
  • Increased Fleet Efficiency: Your fleet will be operating at maximum efficiency with effective driver tracking and route planning.
  • Real-Time Estimated Times Of Arrivals: You will know exactly when your drivers should arrive on a job location with real-time ETAs. Automatic notifications will be sent to the fleet manager to provide updates. Drivers can also get turn-by-turn directions if they need assistance finding a job site.
  • Competitive Advantage: Using intelligent automated fleet routing software, your business can use performance reporting to gain a competitive advantage. Customer satisfaction will increase because drivers will arrive at the given ETA and they will be able to track orders.

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