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Green Fleet

GO GREEN -GPS Fleet Management
Blog, Green Fleet | 2 min read

Go Green With A GPS Fleet Management System

GPS Fleet Management Tracking Device Helps Businesses Go Green Many businesses are feeling pressure to adopt “green” business practices and to reduce their carbon footprint. Some feel, however, that it is too big of a job to tackle and going “green” would not be worth the effort.
fleet fuel management software
Blog, Fuel Savings, GPS Tracking Benefits, Green Fleet, Grow Revenue | 2 min read

Fuel Management Software For Your Fleet

Fleet Fuel Management Software Keeping track of your fuel usage of a fleet of vehicles, no matter if it is a fleet of 2 or 2000 can be quite difficult. Fuel management software can help you keep track of fuel usage, where fuel is being wasted, and most importantly save you money.
green fleet with telematics
Blog, Green Fleet | 2 min read

Telematics Plays a Huge Role in the Green Fleet Movement

The Role of Telematics in the Green Fleet Movement A growing number of organizations have recognized the importance of implementing environmentally friendly processes and policies into their business. In an effort to achieve operational efficiency, many companies are no longer solely addressing cost control, but rather have increased the emphasis on environmental sustainability.
Green Fleet Management GPS Fleet Tracking
Blog, GPS Tracking Benefits, Green Fleet | 2 min read

Green Fleet Management With GPS Fleet Tracking

Run a Green Fleet with GPS Fleet Tracking According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA) about 20 pounds of CO2 emissions are produced from burning a gallon of gasoline. About 23 pounds of CO2 emissions are produced by burning a gallon of diesel fuel.
Reduce Fleet Emissions
Blog, Fuel Savings, GPS Tracking Benefits, Green Fleet | 3 min read

Reduce Fleet Emissions With These Easy Tips

Reducing fleet emissions can be seen as a difficult task as producing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions when running a fleet is inevitable. Reducing your fleet emissions will not only help the environment it will save your company money on gas, and who doesn't want that? The concept of reducing your fleet emissions is quite simple: the greater your fuel consumption, the greater your emissions will be.
Blog, Green Fleet | 3 min read

Canadian Environment Week: Clean Air Day June 4th

The first week of June is Canadian Environment Week, June 1st to June 7th. Protecting Canada's environment offers a world of benefits for Canadians, from enhancing health and the quality of life to strengthening the economy.
fleet tracking system save on gas
Blog, Green Fleet, Grow Revenue | 2 min read

Fleet Tracking System: Easy Steps To Trim Fuel Costs

FLEET TRACKING SYSTEM HELPS CUT FUEL COSTS Trimming the fat off fuel costs doesn’t have to be difficult. It starts with implementing a fleet tracking system, then developing and managing fuel efficiency key performance indicators (KPIs).