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Fuel Management Systems: Make Smarter Fuel Purchases

Make Smarter Fuel Purchases Using Fuel Management Systems

Fuel management systems are a great way to track your fuel purchases and make the smartest decisions regarding fuel purchases. Using a fuel card integration helps business owners and fleet managers understand their fleet expenses better. Using GoFleet’s technology and fuel management systems, you can increase your return on investment significantly.

With GoFleet’s fuel management systems, there is no additional software needed. The fuel management system is an add-on to your GoFleet GPS fleet management software. In addition to managing your fleet, driver behavior, idle time, safety violations and maintenance requirements, fleet managers can also confirm, track and view fuel card purchases each day. The fuel data is processed daily so you always have information that is up to date.

GoFleet’s fuel management systems have a fully customizable dashboard. The dashboard can be set up with customized charts, fuel metrics or notification. Your fleet managers can configure alerts for fuel purchased, fuel usage and inefficient driving practices to keep track of all fuel information. Alerts can be sent by email or be displayed on the dashboard daily, weekly or monthly.

Fleet managers will be able to eliminate driver fuel theft with GoFleet’s fuel management systems. Most business do not realize how much fuel theft is actually occurring before they implement a fuel management system. When employees steal fuel, they are taking money right from your bottom line. If fuel theft is occurring at your business, you will be able to save money immediately upon implementing the fuel management systems by eliminating the theft.

With GoFleet’s fuel management systems, your fleet managers will be able to view the exact location of the merchant and the vehicle at the time of fueling up to ensure your drivers are getting gas at an authorized location. It will also ensure that the drivers are fueling up your fleet vehicle and not their own personal vehicles.

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