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Fuel Management System: Prevent Fuel Theft

Prevent Employee Fuel Theft With A Fuel Management System

When you run a business with fleet operations and you use a corporate credit card for fuel purchases, you run the risk of your employees abusing your card for their personal gain. It is unfortunate but fuel theft can occur at any business. Using a fuel management system with fuel cards can prevent fuel theft.

When you add-on a fuel management system to a GoFleet GPS fleet tracking system, you can track fuel purchases and make the smartest fuel purchase decisions. In addition to the many benefits of a GPS fleet tracking system, fuel cards allow fleet managers to be able to view and confirm daily fuel card expenditures. A fuel management system helps business owners and fleet managers to better understand their fuel costs.

Fleet managers are able to use the GoFleet fleet management system to spot inconsistencies in fuel purchases. The GPS fleet tracking system can be used to provide the vehicles’ specific location and it can be compared to the fuel purchase location and the amount of fuel purchased. If the vehicle is not in the location of the fuel purchase, this would indicate that your driver is participating in unsavory activities that should be investigated.

A fuel management system gives fleet managers and business owners a deeper insight into their fleet operating costs. Fuel card transactions are processed every day so they always have fuel information that is up-to-date. The fuel management system is fully integrated with GoFleet’s My.Geotab so no additional software is needed. There are many customized reports and configurable alerts that can be set up to monitor fuel metrics. Being able to spot fuel trends early will help prevent employee fuel theft.

Integrating fuel cards with a GPS fleet tracking system provides you with the true cost per gallon of fuel and miles per gallon. In addition, you will find out the true cost of idling when your drivers idle for climate control. Knowledge of your fleet’s true fuel usage is important to save costs and reduce the risk of theft.

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