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ELD (Electronic Log)

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AOBRD vs ELD - Which Should You Use?

One of the hottest questions as the ELD mandate deadline approaches is what is the difference between AOBRD vs ELD. AOBRDs vs ELDs Guide This guide is separated into 4 sections: 1 - What is an AOBRD? 2 - Why...

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5 FAQs About The Canadian ELD Mandate

Transport Canada announced in 2016 that there will be a Canadian ELD Mandate. This rule would require many bus and truck drivers to use electronic logs to report their Records of Duty. It also brings Canadian regulations in line with...

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ELD Myths and Facts: Part 3

Looking forward to more Mythbusters!   The original Mythbuster series ended in 2016. Fans of the series, however, were given a pair of great news. In late 2016, the hosts returned on Netflix with a similar series called the “White...

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ELD Myths and Facts: Part 2

More Mythbusters Last time, we saw the Mythbuster team test the myth of if a coin-drop from a tall building could kill a pedestrian. This week, we look at a common traffic myth: do "weavers" save time? Let’s face it....

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ELD Myths and Facts: Part 1

Mythbusters Mythbusters is one of my favourite Discovery Channel series. In this show, common myths are supported or “busted” through scientific experiments. In one episode, the hosts tested the myth that a coin-drop from a tall building could kill a...

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Dangers of Driver Fatigue: A Wake Up Call to Wake Up

The Tracy Morgan Story Tracy Morgan is coming back! For those who are unfamiliar, Morgan is a legendary comedian who came from a tough childhood to making millions of people laugh. He appeared in movies, TV series, and Saturday Night...

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What to Look for When Switching ELD / Telematics Providers

Switching from one ELD or telematics provider to another is not the easiest process. However, if you are having issues with your current provider, sticking with them simply because you are worried about making the jump isn't good either. Once...

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IFTA Reporting and the ELD Mandate

The trucking industry appears to be slowly moving closer and closer to due date for trucker compliance with a new regulatory burden requiring them to use electronic logging devices (“ELDs”). Some companies may have thought they received a reprieve when...

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Short Haul HOS Compliance & The ELD Mandate

If you're running a short haul fleet you may be confused about how the Hours of Service rules and ELD Mandate affect you; let us try to clear things up. Exemption from ELDs If your drivers meet the short haul...

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