ZenScore: Encouraging Safe & Efficient Driving Habits

Monitor KPIs that are specific to your fleet and track vehicles live at the same time. Designed for display on a television monitor, users can also view graphic visualizations of key reports and driver rankings against KPIs you select.
Select KPIs of your choosing. Set targets and monitor your fleet's progress over various time periods (i.e. today, last week, last month).
Add predefined Geotab rules or custom rules to the dashboard. Zenscore is user-friendly and very interactive, allowing fleet managers to address the pain areas that most specific to their operation.
Filter between different vehicle groups and departments to gain greater visibility into the entire fleet.
The ZenScore App notifies drivers on new performance goals and contests to engage and motivates improvements within your fleet. Effective, Efficient and easy to deploy fleet wide contests. Measure and review results of the contest to improve performance.

Interactive Dashboard: Set Targets & Track Progress

ZenScore is a powerful analytics and driver engagement tool to improve fleet performance. Create powerful customized dashboards for driver safety, productivity, utilization and job management. Set targets for KPIs of your choosing and monitor progress over various intervals (i.e. today, last 7 days, last 30 days, etc.). It is the only dashboard that can leverage full visibility into a fleet’s KPI progress while simultaneously displaying the Live Map for real-time tracking. Designed for display on a television monitor.


Fuel Data Groups

Generates KPIs From Extracted Geotab Data

Extracts Geotab data and generates key performance indicators to see how your fleet is doing. The KPI’s visible on the dashboard can be used to do the following: improve stop time, reduce idle time, achieve better fuel economy, improve safety.

mygeotab reports

Easily Compare Drivers

Drivers can be compared against each other visually and be sorted by Geotab groups with the ZenScore mobile application. Gamify the driving experience to produce a safer and more efficient fleet.

syncing login/password

Access Dashboard on MyGeotab

Targets may be set on KPI’s and a visual doughnut chart will show the progress. Dashboard can be accessed through Geotab as an add-on. KPI’s Track: average stop time, distance per stop, idle time per stop, incidents, fuel economy, user incidents.

IP67 Rated

Interactive and User-Friendly

Modify KPIs whenever you want. Filter by groups and departments. Select different reports to be displayed in the form of graphic visualizations.

improved driver management

Wide Variety of Data Collected

Wide range of data collected and visible for each driver, including the following: time driven, stop time, total distance, distance per stop, idle waste, average idle time, amount of engine faults, amount of GPS faults, amount of reminders past due, fuel used, fuel economy, all user incidents.


Email Report Function

Email reports directly from the ZenScore dashboard add-in with the click of a button.

Appointment Scheduling

Multiple KPI Tracking Intervals

Gain insight into your drivers’ performance behaviours and trends by monitoring progress against KPI targets for today, this week, this month among other intervals.

Improve Employee Productivity

Consolidated, Convenient Management

ZenScore consolidates key Geotab features all in a single view, eliminating the need to toggle between numerous modules to view important information.

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