Spring Forward with GoFleet’s Management Software

GoFleet’s Winterproof Management Software

Icy storms were upon us this year making roads quite dangerous to drive on! With one of the biggest threats being slippery and hard-to-spot black ice, it became harder for drivers to gain control causing repair expenses to become a nuisance for fleet organizations. Along with bad weather came the inability to control negative driver behaviours due to negligence. According to Marty Roberts from the Classic Accident Repair Center, the average repair cost this year hovered around $3,900 per vehicle. Proving to fleet management companies that it is important to prepare for hazardous driving conditions and implement solutions that look after you!

GoFleet is designed to help operational managers maximize fuel savings and manage driver behaviour effectively. The added benefit of this fantastic solution is the ability to coach drivers in real time, promote preventative maintenance and measure fleet performance all at once. Although the solution is equipped with other benefits, driver coaching and preventative maintenance are two key examples of maintaining operating expenses when driving in hazardous winter conditions.

In-Vehicle Driver Coaching:

Driver coaching makes it easier to immediately improve on road driving behaviour through in-vehicle audible alerts. The in-vehicle beeps will notify drivers of potentially risky driving habits encouraging them to fix their behaviour immediately. The beeping feature can be customized based on your fleet operating manager’s preference as shown below. Fleet managers can easily develop a fleet-wide safety program that works without intervention.

Enable Speed Warning: The device will beep constantly when the vehicle reaches the speed set in Start Beeping, and will not stop until the vehicle slows down below the Stop Beeping speed.

Management Software alerts

The software solution is also capable of showing management information about how well the drivers are performing with the help of Driver Score Card reports.These reports can be set up to be emailed immediately if need be allowing management to compare weekly/monthly/yearly safety improvements.

Preventative Maintenance:

It is evident that some vehicle preparation is required to avoid making outdoor checks in the cold but if that is never off your check list then our solution might just be right for you. With GoFleet’s tracking solution, management can keep track of scheduled maintenance by recording fault codes and engine diagnostics. Managers will have every bit of information needed so, when complications do arise, they will have immediate access to the problem to take immediate action.

Remembering when to perform oil changes, rotate tires and other minor vehicle services can be time consuming if you manage more than one vehicle. So, to help with this process the software allows for recurring reminders to be created letting you know when a vehicle is due for service.

Benefits of the Fleet Management Software

Organizations often struggle with rising vehicle maintenance costs due to behaviours that could have been avoided if corrected immediately. Monitoring driver behaviour and being able to correct negative habits are two different approaches to management. With our software solution you can view negative driver behaviours and also fix them in real time; allowing your company to maximize savings through reductions in fuel usage and accident liability as a result of improved driver behaviour.

It is difficult to absorb unforeseen expenses due to uncontrollable factors such as, frigid winter conditions causing many companies to avoid outdoor routine checks. Gofleet’s management software is designed to help stop engine issues before they turn into costly repairs or lead to vehicle down-time by managing your engine fault code information. These vehicle codes explain the engine issue and where to locate it, helping you save on vehicle inspection time and costs. The solution is also future proof with maintenance reminder features to help lower expenses on any vehicle breakdowns. Preventative maintenance helps maintain the health of your vehicle, identify core problems immediately and also offers a higher resale value once a fleet has completed its service life.

Fox News: Icy Conditions Causing More Accidents & Car Repairs This Winter

Tips to Basic Road Safety

Buckle up it’s National Safety Month!

Some of us have learned the importance of safe driving while others have experienced it first hand; in every way we understand the importance of safety and the benefits of using defensive driving practices. National Safety Month reinforces positive driver habits that we often forget as we become experienced drivers. Initiated to educate, the program aims to increase awareness, promote defensive driving, and keep driver distractions to a minimum.

Along with the safety basics such as wearing a seat-belt, reduced speeding and appropriate signalling, there are other factors that aid in road safety.

  1. Understanding road responsibilities
  2. Continuous vehicle maintenance
  3. Defensive driving courses
  4. Keeping Distractions to a minimum

Road Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

The number of vehicles on the road only grows each year resulting in busy streets and more traffic than ever. This requires a lot of patience and the need to follow safety laws to ensure all vehicles move in order. It is essential to understand your road responsibilities either as a motorist or as a pedestrian; when working together traffic will not only sail smoothly but will keep all the commotion organized. Making eye contact is often a good way to quickly communicate your intentions, reducing room for error and accidents.

Vehicle Maintenance

A large number of accidents occur due to factors that are out of our control such as vehicle breakdowns. Having regular maintenance to ensure your vehicle is in safe working conditions will not only extend the life of your vehicle but also keep you safe. Regular vehicle maintenance is financially more resourceful than having to make one large investment when your vehicle breaks down. This will hamper your pockets and also cause traffic to build on the roads.

Defensive Driving
Defensive driving courses are available and essential to learn how to handle your vehicles in all situations. These courses are offered to new and existing drivers to help lower risks behind the wheel. Sometimes you might not be “the bad driver” but being aware of aggressive driving helps to keep you safe. As dull as an in-class instructional lecture might seem you might just gain a few insights to best driving practices! And as an employer of drivers – it’s crucial to make sure your team is well versed in defensive driving.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum

We live in the day and age of technology hence, keeping distractions to a minimum while driving is often encouraged as a safety precaution. Many of us are guilty of shooting a quick text while at the lights but a few seconds can sometimes have a huge impact. It is challenging to minimize distractions but it is also important to do so.

Positive behaviours & defensive driving minimize many risks.
Start your stride towards safer roads today!

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Driving the Fleet Safety Movement

Lower your Operating Costs with OnCommand Connection


Manage Diagnostics with OnCommand Connection


The Telematics industry is becoming more transparent allowing fleet managers to efficiently track company fleet and gain engine diagnostic information and measure fleet productivity all using fleet management software.

In today’s economy, companies are trying to reduce operating costs by any or all means. As one of the top business operating expense, fleet managers are under pressure to keep costs as lean as possible while continuing to maintain productivity. This often leads to keeping vehicles on the road for an extended period of time leading to a huge cost build-up in the long run.

Company operations and profitability is most affected during vehicle downtime and to help fleet managers avoid make clouded decisions GoFleet has partnered with OnCommand Connection for engine diagnostic information and immediate maintenance. Basically, a partnership to help identify the potential problem beforehand, lower repair costs and eventually increase fleet uptime.

How Can GoFleet Help?

For Sales Managers:

Offering an effective fleet management program will help sales managers offer an all rounded service i.e. Vehicle + OnCommand Connection. This adds value to the dealership by providing customers with the ability to streamline their business.

How we help you sell more vehicles:

  • We add value to your vehicle sales by offering various Fleet Management Programs for resale:
  • Oncommand Connect, Tracking, Dispatching, HOS/DVIR Compliance, Reefer Temp Monitoring, Fuel Card Integration and Work Form Programs.
  • We help onboard new customers with their Fleet Management Program, enhancing purchasing experience.
  • We help your customers understand how to save money and work with your dealership on service, ensuring they come back to you for future purchases.

For Service Managers:

Maximizing service and providing the best customer experience can be especially challenging when you don’t have up to date information on the health of your vehicles.

How we help you increase service and improve customer experience:

  • Get up to date odometer and engine hours without having to call the customer
  • Get notifications on high priority faults in real-time via OnCommand Connect

To learn more about OnCommand Connection contact us and we will be happy to discuss its benefits and features with you!


Remote Diagnostics with OnCommand Connection

Know how your fleet is performing with OnCommand Connection

GoFleet has created a platform for fleet managers to be in tune with their vehicles at all times. Using the Go Device, companies are able to track their vehicles in real-time, measure performance and improve business productivity through reports containing important fleet data.

Maintaining a fleet whether large or small can be challenging when drivers are not in close proximity. This includes the inability to predict drop off times, engine health and basic driver behaviours. As a solutions company, GoFleet understands the importance of constant development encouraging us to offer more than just a solution that records engine diagnostics. Our recent partnership with Navistar On-Command Connection has now allowed the solution to further notify technicians immediately giving them access to the most up-to-date data and the ability to:

  • Identify potential problems beforehand
  • Lower repair costs
  • Increase fleet uptime

How OnCommand Brings You More Service:

The Go device installed in the vehicle detects engine events and vehicle service requirements through data gained from the ECM port. When an alert is detected a message is sent to the Navistar OnCommand customer support center. An OnCommand repair advocate then identifies the closest international dealer, confirms whether the right parts/tools are available and contacts the customer to schedule a maintenance appointment.


There are many benefits to using the OnCommand Connection service for fleet operations. The first and foremost benefit is the ability to control operating expenses and company bottom line. These can be achieved through the following:

  • Reduce en-route events by proactively scheduling maintenance and repairs
  • Map tools that plot trucks locations, nearest dealers, hotels and local towing providers
  • Generate real-time comprehensive vehicle health reports
  • Understand fault codes quickly and easily with descriptions in plain English
  • Gain more insight with fault code actions plans that provide severity information and recommend solutions.

Learn how to maximize fleet servicing with OnCommand Connection & GoFleet.
Generate more revenue and help your customers keep their vehicles in top shape!

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Explore Fuel Card Benefits


Fuel your company profits with Fuel Cards


Fuel cards help view and confirm driver fuel card expenditures. Information can be generated daily, helping managers eliminate fuel theft and realize return on investments through GoFleet’s management solution.

Benefits of Fuel Cards

Fuel cards work in a very similar way to ordinary credit cards with the exception of the card restrictions to purchases of fuel, oil and lubricants only. Available to businesses of all sizes, the card when combined with GoFleet’s fleet solutions will help achieve substantial savings through:

  • Improved cash flow
  • The ability to monitor and control fuel expenses more closely
  • Single invoices, eliminating piles of receipts
  • Improved security as cards can be matched to a vehicle, driver or both.


1) Fuel Card Invoicing


The first noticeable benefit from using fuel cards is the elimination of receipts. Business owners and fleet managers no longer have to sort through piles of receipts and expense claims to submit an appropriate level for the reimbursement of mileage as fuel costs are immediately apparent on the invoices.


2) Fuel Card Reports


At the end of each month a fleet managers can receive a scheduled management report containing information regarding fuel purchases. These reports can be customized as well as designed to show details of each and every transaction such as the specific card used, the date/location/time of the transaction as well as the quantity and type of fuel purchased.


3) Fuel Cards remove the need for cash


The classic benefit is arguably health as it reduces company administration costs and expenses claims can be tracked and calculated easily.


4) Fuel Card Network Coverage


The card can be set to be used within a specific network of service stations. This will allow for easy control and monitoring of the purchases made and the locations driven too.


5) Fuel Card Pricing


Many fuel cards offer discounted prices which mean in the long run, the amounts will total to a large amount of saving.s

Lastly, the most important feature of the fuel card it it’s the ability provide convenience to all drivers and administrators and maximize cost savings on administration allowing business owners and fleet managers to massively reduce fuel fraud, which cause a major drain on company finances.

To learn more about fuel card options, contact us at 1-888-998-1122.

Gain Savings with Smart Fleet & Fuel Management

Smart Fleet Fuel Management: your next step to maximizing company profits


GPS Tracking currently allows you to track, locate and communicate with drivers in real time. Fleet operation managers use the solution to manage their drivers and maintain their fleet through location tracking and custom reports that address and identify daily operations that need attention. Along with the responsibility of managing both drivers and fleet comes the accountability of lowering operating expenses.

Operating a cost-effective and efficient fleet often requires expertise in fleet expenses. With fuel being one of the largest contributor to the increase in operating costs, it is imperative that fleet managers understand the importance of minimizing expenses that can be controlled and avoided. So, how can you really maximize fuel management?

Smart Fleet Solutions

Managing fuel costs often begin by preventing unauthorized access to fuel supplies and implementing solutions that track your company assets. Although tracking is a small step to fuel management the solution is designed to measure fuel performance by:

  • Tracking vehicle and driver behaviours in real-time
  • Generating reports and scorecards on how drivers are contributing to fuel costs
  • Providing drivers with optimized (fuel-efficient) routes
  • Preparing detailed reports to assess the financial impact on fuel while idling, fuel usage and more

The reports provide an insight into the amount of fuel consumed idling or dangerous driving. The system is also able to generate reports that help companies gain tax rebates(IFTA report). IFTA can be generated to help significantly reduce paperwork and compliance burden for fuel tax reporting if vehicle carriers travel in other provinces/states and purchase fuel in one jurisdiction, but use the fuel in another jurisdiction.

Fuel Management Idling Report

Fuel Management with Driver Score Card

Fuel Management IFTA Report

As a solutions company we understand the importance of managing fuel-wasting behaviours further leading to integration with third party systems such as Fuel Cards.

A fuel card is similar to a credit card where fuel card transactions, vehicle data and driver behaviours can be tracked by matching vehicle location and the amount filled routinely. Giving fleet managers the knowledge and tools to manage fuel spent; fuel cards will eliminate the amount of receipts submitted regularly and also accurately verify the location of the fill up and amount filled into the vehicle.

Acting as the most secure, efficient and simple way for fill ups, the program will alleviate some of the pressure off fleet managers by allowing them to focus not just on matters of security but also on wider operational concerns.
Fleet managers are able to analyze transactions according to specific criteria’s such as where, when, and by whom the fuel card was used. The system will be able to also provide personalized alerts if a payment occurs outside the “normal” pattern or exceeds a pre-set maximum fill-up limit. This, in turn, means potential fraudulent behavior can be detected early and fleet managers can respond swiftly.

Find out how GoFleet’s fuel management strategies can help you minimize expenses by contacting us at 1-888-998-1122.

Strengthening New Partnerships at the NAFA Expo

NAFA Expo with Grace & GoFleet

We are exhibiting alongside Grace Industries this Thursday at NAFA’s (North American Fleet Management Association) Annual Institute & Expo. Designed to reach hundreds of fleet professionals in just 2 days our team is excited to showcase GoFleet’s solutions and of course see you!

NAFA is the world’s premier non-profit association for professionals who manage fleets across the globe. The association holds the Expo annually to allow fleet solution companies to showcase their products, share insights and meet other professionals.

NAFA’s Institute & Expo-2015

The 2015 Institute & Expo is being held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from April 14-17, 2015. The event program features over 60 hours of fleet training, educational discussions and exciting workshops. In addition to the Expo Floor consisting of more than 200 companies showcasing their products and services there will also be educational keynote speakers and manufacture executives sharing industry insights making this experience educational and engaging.

Come Visit Us!

NAFA Expo GoFleet Grace

We will be located at Booth No. 626 and our operations manager, Emile Salsa, will showcase our tracking solution and give a quick demo of our integration with Grace Industry’s man down system. The system is designed to ensure lone worker safety with the lone worker check-in feature. Equipped with two-way radio signalling that provides automatic and total accountability, the device safely manages and protects workers in remote locations using loud audible alarms, 98+ dBA audio SPL.


Learn more about our safety integration:


Find Your Fleet Savings with GoFleet

Estimate Your Total Savings With Our ROI Calculator

Have you ever estimated how much money your company can save with telematics technology? The implications of using a tracking solution goes beyond improving security and better monitoring employees. It is in fact more useful when organizations understand how the solution can gain true savings and return on investment (ROI).

Along with tracking your employees, it is significantly important to measure your return on investment. Monitoring the location of your vehicles alone will not have a positive impact on your bottom line unless close attention is paid to the difference in time spent idling, number of repairs, negative driver behaviours and more.

For some, the cost of the GPS solution has left fleet managers to avoid investing in tracking. And to help quantify the value of our fleet solution, GoFleet has created a tool to help with your business decisions. The ROI calculator is designed to give you an insight of expenses you could be be potentially saving and it can be customized to meet your business profile to show you how much money can be reinvested back into your company as shown in the example below.

Fleet Savings Company XYZ
ROI Fleet Savings

The calculator instantly shows you an estimate of what can be saved if fleet operation managers choose to implement a fleet tracking system. Although these figures are just estimates, there is a chance that companies can save even more when drivers become familiar with the solution and become more productive. To compliment the ROI calculator fleet managers should identify the areas that require improvement prior to installing the tracking solution. This can involve anything from increasing fuel expenses, higher maintenance costs or even decreasing productivity. Identifying the issues that need attention can then help outline the true purpose of the solution by comparing the “before” and “after” figures of cost savings.

In any buying decision it is crucial to explore all your options, read customer reviews, and learn more about the costs involved in the daily operation of your business however it is more important to gain a ROI figure along with the final decision made.


To try our ROI calculator for yourself & see your potential savings,
simply visit our homepage:

The Secret Ingredients to Fleet Safety

Basic Recipe to Fleet Safety

Companies use countless tactics to enforce fleet safety and promote positive driving behaviours but the question remains: are your drivers actually listening? Fleet safety is on the radar making management more sensitive to enforcing safety policies due to lawsuits or fleet-related fatalities caused by distracted driving. Safety is a growing concern within all industries and with advancements in technology, cars today are as safe as they can be. Equipped with crash avoidance systems, automatic parking control and other features there is no doubt that vehicles today have evolved and become much safer. Yet, as much as these systems are promising there is no better safety feature than the driver themselves.

According to Automotive Fleet, 25-30 percent of all fleet-related accidents are a result of distracted driving; vehicle accidents represent about 14% of total fleet expenses. Although, these figures should probably be higher since it does not take into account additional costs such as downtime, lost employee productivity and liability exposure. It does show that distracted driving can in fact become a nuisance for fleet companies.

What Should You Be Doing?

It is already established that companies regularly send internal newsletters with tips and strategies about safe driving. A few even have fleet management software to encourage positive driving habits in real time but a more compassionate solution to fleet safety might just be getting to know your drivers.

Gain Driver Buy in

Fleet management software comes close to resolving the problems with encouraging positive driving behaviours but teaching might bring forth different results. Informing your drivers about the benefits of fleet management software’s and sharing savings should be distributed to all staff members so they feel motivated. Some drivers might just see the solution as a device that monitors their driving behaviours instead of a beneficial solution; it’s important to be clear about how the company plans to gain from this change with greater profits or reduced costs before actually implementing the solution without their knowledge.

Invest in your Drivers

It is important to make drivers feel like they are an added value to your organization and the best way to minimizing distracted driving is to make sure your drivers feel important. This will require a period of induction training coupled with on-going development; but by making an investment in your drivers, you’ll be demonstrating respect and appreciation and this often goes a long way. Training programs can include driver development processes; a good example would be graduate certificates from bronze to silver to gold standard drivers. The progression can be award based on training level completed to complement fleet safety.


Communication is always key and although safe driving is a known fact it is important to reiterate the significance of safe driver behaviours and how positive habits can help reduce costs but more so minimize the number of collisions in the first place. Making your employees feel like they are part of the solution might give them a sense of responsibility.


Safe driving recognition or incentive reward programs reinforce good driving performance. These programs can be generated within the company and awards can range from a monetary prize, gift certificates and newsletter announcements to appreciation gear. GoFleet’s telematics devices are capable of generating reports that easily rank driver performances (Driver Score Card Report). Giving your drivers a benchmark, and rewarding them for their improvements is beneficial, what gets recognized gets repeated.

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Automotive Fleet: Implementing a Single Strategy to Improve Driver Safety & Lower Fuel Spend

Maintain a Healthy Fleet With the Watchdog Report

Monitor your devices using the Watchdog Report

Having trouble monitoring the status of all your vehicles in one go? Do you have too many vehicles to check individually? How do you know which ones have communication problems? When customers begin to manage their fleet, they often overlook regularly monitoring the health of their devices as it can become a hassle. Keeping track of all your devices can be challenging if needed to be done every day but, monitoring the health of your devices is important to ensure that all your units are reporting and are healthy. Companies install GPS trackers to maximize cost savings through live tracking and without device communication no data will be recorded immediately to help compliment their savings.

Devices fail to communicate for a variety of reasons and as a fleet operations manager it is important to understand why:

  • Devices may be in an area with bad cellular coverage
  • Devices may be unplugged while in the shop for maintenance
  • Issue with the port – blown fuse

A non-communicating device can sometimes even indicate a larger issue with the vehicle itself, such as a dead battery. This is why it is important to check in with your devices every so often to address potential issues early and ensure that your telematics device will report the data you need. Not to say, that the data will be lost, our devices have the capability of storing data on the device and transferring it into the database once it starts to communicate again.

The watchdog report is an excellent source for monitoring the health of your telematics devices. Located on the dashboard, the report is easily accessible and can be downloaded within seconds containing detailed information of the device status, the time it last communicated and the location it last communicated in.

There are over 30 standard reports to choose from and the ability to create limitless custom reports using Microsoft Excel; interpreting data is your next step to understanding the watchdog report. The default report available on the dashboard is designed around the following parameter (shown below) this report can be further customized to meet your company preference with device status notifications.


Device communicated within the last 2 days.
Action needed: None.

Offline for 2-3 days

Action needed: Verify the last available location of the vehicle was outdoors, clear of obstruction and the device is properly installed in your vehicle.

Offline for 3-21 days

Action needed: Verify the device is undamaged and properly installed in your vehicle. Refer to the installation guide for instructions on how to perform a visual inspection of the device.

Offline for 21+ days

Action needed: Ensure the SIM is active on the cellular network and the device is undamaged and properly installed in your vehicle. If the issue continues, ensure that the vehicle is currently in a known area of cellular coverage (For V4 Devices: Check whether the antenna is loose or damaged).

Customizing parameters

Receiving accurate data is imperative to making business decisions leading to the need for customized parameters. If companies need to be notified immediately the threshold below will be a good example of a customized parameter.

In this example, only vehicles which have communicated within 2 days are considered “OK” immediately notifying your company to power reset those devices that have stopped communicating.

Custom Parameter Watchdog report

If you need help with your devices or have any questions, one of our support agents are happy to help. Call 1-888-998-1122 x 2 or submit a support ticket: support.gofleet.com