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Improve Your Customers’ Experience

GPS Tracking Management Improves Your Customers’ Experience

It’s very likely you have heard the expression “Work smarter, not harder.” If you are like many small business owners, you probably have thought to yourself, “Is it really that easy?” If you manage a fleet of business vehicles, the answer is yes! If you implement a GPS tracking management system helps you to provide higher quality customer support.

We all know competitors that appear to have their business under complete control at all times. They provide high quality customer support, run efficiently and make everything seem easy. You too can have the same level of control in your business.

Even if your company’s service or product might be the superior choice, you can improve your customers’ experience when they do business with you. This can help you stand apart from your competitors and become your area’s leader. Stop wasting valuable talent, energy and time; take a step back and start working smarter.

Add Value To Your Customer Beyond Your Service Or Product

When you get to know the customers in your industry, you are able to determine what they are looking for and what would add value to the service or product you provide. They key is interacting with your customers and getting to know what affects their business or personal life the most. Adding value to your customers’ experience can give your company the edge it needs to make a lasting impression and gain repeat and referral business.

For example, if you are in the plumbing business, you would know that your customers do not want to be given a four hour service window. That means your customer will be stuck at their location for up to four hours just waiting for your plumber to arrive not including the time your plumber is providing the service. Your customers’ time is valuable and that could waste their entire day. Your competitor might not have plumbers as qualified, professional and experienced as yours, however, they might be able to tell the customer they will arrive within 30 to 40 minutes. It is very possible the customer will choose speed of service over reputation, experience and service quality because they simply don’t have 4 hours to sit around waiting.

Implementing a GPS tracking management system, can allow you to easily manage your drivers. The system provides automatic fleet routing and scheduling, vehicle locations, valuable alerts, fleet management reports and much more. When your customer calls to request service, you will be able to tell them, with confidence, an accurate estimated time of arrival. Your dispatchers can also send the closest driver to the customer’s location instead of having the customer wait for a driver who is in another county. Your customers will appreciate the short service window and efficient service.

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