FuelBI: Fuel Card Integration

A complete integration of fuel cards and the Geotab platform including security as an add-in or web application.
View all of your company’s important fuel KPIs in the dashboard and visualize the transactions on a map.
Track down suspicious transactions with over 50 alerts.
The system can use over 14 different patterns to match your fuel card to a vehicle so you can continue your fleet operations as normal. It is fully automated and handles all of your daily transactions from your fuel card provider.

Track Purchases & Make Smarter Fuel Choices

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Processed Daily

Fuel card transactions are processed daily to provide you with the most up to date information.

Fuel Data Groups

Fuel Data Groups

View fuel data by your fuel card groups or by your company hierarchy in MyGeotab.


Customizable Dashboard

Customizable dashboard with alerts, charts, and fuel metrics.


Fuel Card Integration Shows True Costs

Get true costs per gallon and cost per mile by vehicle. Get true idling costs with and without auxiliaries included.


Configurable Alerts

Configurable alerts for email or display by day, week, or month.


Exact Location

View vehicle location and merchant on a map at the time of the fuel transaction to ensure your employees are fueling up where they should be.

Calculated Fuel Spillage

Calculated Fuel Spillage

Fuel spillage calculated by location analysis and by fuel spent versus fuel purchased.

inflated tires have smaller footprints

Fuel Trends

Spot fuel trends at a faster pace with fuel card integration.


Customized Reports

Reports customized with your company colors and logo to share with your management team and/or drivers.

IP67 Rated

Security Settings

Data scopes controlled by Geotab security settings, only share fuel card information with the people you choose to.


Full Integration into MyGeotab

No separate software is necessary, the fuel monitoring system is an add-on to your existing My.Geotab software.

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