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Lower your Operating Costs with OnCommand Connection

Manage Diagnostics with OnCommand Connection

The Telematics industry is becoming more transparent allowing fleet managers to efficiently track company fleet and gain engine diagnostic information and measure fleet productivity all using fleet management software.

In today’s economy, companies are trying to reduce operating costs by any or all means. As one of the top business operating expense, fleet managers are under pressure to keep costs as lean as possible while continuing to maintain productivity. This often leads to keeping vehicles on the road for an extended period of time leading to a huge cost build-up in the long run.

Company operations and profitability is most affected during vehicle downtime and to help fleet managers avoid make clouded decisions GoFleet has partnered with OnCommand Connection for engine diagnostic information and immediate maintenance. Basically, a partnership to help identify the potential problem beforehand, lower repair costs and eventually increase fleet uptime.

How Can GoFleet Help?

For Sales Managers:

Offering an effective fleet management program will help sales managers offer an all rounded service i.e. Vehicle + OnCommand Connection. This adds value to the dealership by providing customers with the ability to streamline their business.

How we help you sell more vehicles:

  • We add value to your vehicle sales by offering various Fleet Management Programs for resale:
  • Oncommand Connect, Tracking, Dispatching, HOS/DVIR Compliance, Reefer Temp Monitoring, Fuel Card Integration and Work Form Programs.
  • We help onboard new customers with their Fleet Management Program, enhancing purchasing experience.
  • We help your customers understand how to save money and work with your dealership on service, ensuring they come back to you for future purchases.

For Service Managers:

Maximizing service and providing the best customer experience can be especially challenging when you don’t have up to date information on the health of your vehicles.

How we help you increase service and improve customer experience:

  • Get up to date odometer and engine hours without having to call the customer
  • Get notifications on high priority faults in real-time via OnCommand Connect

To learn more about OnCommand Connection contact us and we will be happy to discuss its benefits and features with you!

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