Zendu Maintenance: Complete Maintenance Management Solution

CMMS software that organizes, tracks and schedules your maintenance activities. Faster, better and for less.
Easily add & search for tools and equipment, manage all asset information & easily locate your assets.
Assign work orders to a technician quickly and easily at the click of a button.
Operators and drivers can report defects which create work orders in MyGeotab. Work orders are assigned to specific technicians.

Track and schedule maintenance for your fleet while you are on the go with the ZenduMA mobile application.
Zendu MA users are able to compile purchase orders directly in the software which can then be sent to listed suppliers as an RFQ.
Create custom list views and reports with the advanced filtering system to improve your equipment reliability, streamline processes and reduce costs.

Quickly & Easily Manage Maintenance Performance, Uptime, Productivity & Status Reports

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Fleet Maintenance Systems ECM Readings

Automatic wireless capture of odometer, engine hours, voltage, temperature, fuel used, PTO and tire pressure, directly from your vehicle ECM.


Improve Performance

Our fleet maintenance systems will help you follow maintenance best practices, improve your organization’s performance, and save money.

Real-Time Refrigerated Trailer Temperature Monitoring

Real-Time Machine Control Monitoring

Real-time machine control monitoring system and API that intelligently triggers work orders and notifications with Maintenance Assistant Monitoring.


Self-Service Applications

Empower all workers with easy to use self-service (web & mobile) fleet maintenance management software applications.

tire pressure monitoring

Real-Time Diagnostic Faults

Ensure quick and timely response to potential breakdowns through real-time monitoring of diagnostic trouble faults through the vehicle ECM.

syncing login/password

Manage Asset Lifecycle

Manage the full life-cycle of your assets with a complete view of your assets & equipment.

Appointment Scheduling

Automatically Create Work Orders

Corrective and scheduled maintenance work orders are automatically generated based on synced Geotab Telematics data. Manage WO backlog, costs, staff assignment, downtime, and reporting easily.

Improve Employee Productivity

Vehicle Maintenance Program With Custom Reports

Create custom list views and reports with the advanced filtering system to improve your equipment reliability.


Create Multiple Triggers

Build multiple triggers for any preventive maintenance schedule.


Accurate ECM Readings Reduce Errors

Capturing ECM readings in real-time ensures you never miss a maintenance reminder due to a missed odometer/engine hours update.


Parts, Inventory, Purchasing, Reports

Powerful enterprise level reporting allows managers to be more proactive on parts and inventory management, streamline processes, and reduce costs.

Sync Geotab Diagnostics & DVIR

Sync Geotab Diagnostics & DVIR

Geotab Diagnostic faults, engine hours, odometer, and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports are directly logged to Zendu Maintenance.

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