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Airtel Kenya Improves Road Safety with Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices

Airtel Kenya Uses Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices to Improve Road Safety

Airtel Kenya is working with police and Frotcom East Africa to implement a road safety initiative by rewarding responsible drivers from 2NK Matatu Saving and Credit Co-operative Society (SACCO) identified by Frotcom’s computerized vehicle GPS tracking devices.

The vehicle GPS tracking devices will help monitor driving behavior minute-by-minute regardless of where they are driving in the country. The same data generated by the system will also be used to identify drivers who need extra training so as to achieve a change of attitude as they handle passengers.

The rewarding program will go a long way to enforcing compliance to traffic rules rather than evasion. Through the initiative, the National Traffic Commandant, Samuel Kimaru, will identify and reward drivers from 2NK SACCO along a number of busy highways in Kenya.

Airtel and Frotcom have already fitted vehicle GPS tracking devices in more than 550 vehicles in the SACCO’s fleet, which relay messages of speed limit violation to the SACCO management.

The vehicle GPS tracking system also tracks fuel consumption and number of trips a vehicle makes and gives alerts when a vehicle diverts from its intended route, which will assist in managing misuse and any possible criminal cases such as incidents of carjacking or vehicle theft.

Estimated financial benefits show that the SACCO members could save up to KSh40 million (US$461,000) annually by sealing revenue leakage loopholes with the use of this product.

The savings will be made with reduced accident claims to the insurers significantly reducing the cost of risk management.

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