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Explore Fuel Card Benefits

Fuel your company profits with Fuel Cards

Fuel cards help view and confirm driver fuel card expenditures. Information can be generated daily, helping managers eliminate fuel theft and realize return on investments through GoFleet’s management solution.

Benefits of Fuel Cards

Fuel cards work in a very similar way to ordinary credit cards with the exception of the card restrictions to purchases of fuel, oil and lubricants only. Available to businesses of all sizes, the card when combined with GoFleet’s fleet solutions will help achieve substantial savings through:

  • Improved cash flow
  • The ability to monitor and control fuel expenses more closely
  • Single invoices, eliminating piles of receipts
  • Improved security as cards can be matched to a vehicle, driver or both.

1) Fuel Card Invoicing

The first noticeable benefit from using fuel cards is the elimination of receipts. Business owners and fleet managers no longer have to sort through piles of receipts and expense claims to submit an appropriate level for the reimbursement of mileage as fuel costs are immediately apparent on the invoices.

2) Fuel Card Reports

At the end of each month a fleet managers can receive a scheduled management report containing information regarding fuel purchases. These reports can be customized as well as designed to show details of each and every transaction such as the specific card used, the date/location/time of the transaction as well as the quantity and type of fuel purchased.

3) Fuel Cards remove the need for cash

The classic benefit is arguably health as it reduces company administration costs and expenses claims can be tracked and calculated easily.

4) Fuel Card Network Coverage

The card can be set to be used within a specific network of service stations. This will allow for easy control and monitoring of the purchases made and the locations driven too.

5) Fuel Card Pricing

Many fuel cards offer discounted prices which mean in the long run, the amounts will total to a large amount of saving.s

Lastly, the most important feature of the fuel card it it’s the ability provide convenience to all drivers and administrators and maximize cost savings on administration allowing business owners and fleet managers to massively reduce fuel fraud, which cause a major drain on company finances.

To learn more about fuel card options, contact us at 1-888-998-1122.

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