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GoFleet versus the Competition

With the large continuous telematics growth it is no surprise how many other GPS fleet management companies are out there today. Being in such a highly competitive market it is hard for consumers to make a truly educated and confident decision when choosing their fleet management partner.

What makes GoFleet stand out?!

Let’s start with the basics. When you are looking for a partner in fleet management what is your number one focus? Return on investment (ROI).

GoFleet in partner with Geotab offers the 5 pillars of ROI:
Productivity | Fleet | Safety | Compliance | Expandability

  • Arrival and departure times to and from job sites and the main office
  • Various reports such as time spent at the office vs. driving vs. customer locations
  • Customizable rules such as late arrival, early leaving, idling, unauthorized home stops, too much office time, long lunch, etc.
  • Congregation reporting highlighting if/when your drivers are meeting for long lunches, etc.
Fleet Optimization:
  • Most extensive metrics available to reduce poor fuel consumption
  • Better trip planning with built in route optimization
  • Highest engine diagnostic capabilities on the market + supports J1708 & J1939 (which no one else supports)
  • Planned versus actual trip analysis + cost report (many competitors do not offer this and if they do it is normally an extra fee)
  • Very few competitors offer in-vehicle audible alerts, no competitors offer anything close to the capabilities and customization that we have
  • Posted road speed vs. actual road speed reporting
  • Easy to use future proof software built on HTML5 (no expensive hardware necessary)
  • Drivers love the software, it’s easy to use and understand, unlike many competitor’s solutions
  • One of our biggest differentiators, no competitors come remotely close to the IOX expansion we offer
  • Truly future-proof, it is a complete long-term solution on one bill
  • Offer integration with multiple add-ons to provide a complete fleet management solution custom for your needs

Our 5 main pillars are our heart and soul and really make us stand out. The capabilities of our system far outweigh our competitors which is why we always invite our prospective customers to test out our solution along side our competitors to see the results and capabilities for themselves.

Take a closer look at even more differentiating features we have to offer:

Curve-Based Tracking

There is no other solution on the market currently offering the patented curve-based tracking that we do. Our competitors use time-based intervals (normally around every two minutes) to track vehicles however we use science and accelerometer. Our competitors risk losing valuable information such as in the case of an accident. With our curve based tracking any sudden movements within the vehicle will always be tracked, along with any sort of turn or anything else. Typically it is around every 15 seconds but could be slightly more or less depending on the situation.

Totally Customizable

Many of our competitors have limited customization capabilities and can often only be done by the vendor themselves. However, we offer an unimaginable amount of customization options that can be done by either our customers themselves or we are happy to help.

At the end of the day, choosing the best fleet management software is not easy so it’s important you do your research. Without doing research you’ll likely end up with the cheapest solution you come across with outdated features that will not give the ROI you are looking for.

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